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Chen Gaihong: Jin Caixiang, Ambilight 2018-06-05


Chen Gaihong is a photo presenter of Zhu Jinqi wood carving works by Chen Kefeng: Chen Gaihong, male, born in 1962, Zhangzhou, member of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, vice chairman of Ningbo Civil Literary Association, senior craft artist, The national non-legacy project Ningbo Zhujin lacquer wood carving representative representative. It was rated as the first batch of “excellent folk literature and art talents” in Zhejiang Province and “six batches” talents in Ningbo's propaganda and cultural system. The work "Wan Gong Se" (cooperation) won the 9th China Folk Literature and Art Mountain Flower Award; "Liang Zhu Warm Pavilion" won the gold medal of the 3rd Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Fine Exposition "Ming Qing Ju Cup" and the first Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Biennale Gold Award. Co-authored the publication of "Ningbo Zhujin lacquer wood carving"; created 3,800 square meters Zhujin lacquer wood carving art museum. When the reporter came to the Ningbo Zhujin lacquer wood carving art museum near Hengxi Reservoir, Chen Gaihong was inspecting and supervising the production workshop behind the art gallery. He does not have a fixed office. He basically “turns around” in art galleries and workshops every day. “We craftsmen pay attention to craftsmanship. It doesn’t matter if we do it slowly. If we don’t do well, it’s a brand.” Chen Gaihong was born in Hengxi Town. In the village, he began to study wood carving design when he was 15 years old. At the age of 20, he entered the Ningbo Arts and Crafts Institute. He was a master of high-level craftsman Cao Houde and mastered the good craftsmanship of Zhu Jin lacquer wood carving. “When I was studying art, I worked for Master during the day and studied sculpture images and techniques at night. Every day I was very excited and tireless.” From the craftsman to the senior craft artist, Chen Gaihong said that it depends on diligence, second on understanding, and third on credit. Master's call. Zhu Jin lacquer wood carving has been nearly a thousand years of history, and is known for its exquisite craftsmanship of "three-point carving and seven-point lacquer ware". It is a handicraft technique that combines wood carving, enamel paint and makeup. This kind of craft makes the Zhujin lacquer wood carving produce a magnificent and golden effect. As a national inheritor, how to inherit and develop? This is a question that Chen Gaihong has been exploring and studying in recent years. "Zhu Jin lacquer wood carvings are all handmade, there are more than 20 complicated processes. Young people must learn this skill, in addition to perseverance and understanding, they will also study." Chen Gaihong told reporters that he set up a sculpture factory in the 1990s. At that time, there were seven or eight apprentices left in the factory. The entire factory has 70 to 80 employees. “Basically formed a series of process-made Zhujin lacquer wood carving team, there is no fault in talent training.” Since September 2012, Chen Gaihong tried to bring Zhu Jin lacquer wood carving craft into Hengxi Town Middle School and establish with the school. Joint training mechanism, the establishment of Ningbo Zhujin lacquer wood carving community training class. “Every Wednesday afternoon, we will send experienced craftsmen to the school to teach and guide students on-site operation.” In 2015, Zhu Jinqiu Woodcarving Art Museum and the Qijiang Vocational High School jointly launched a school to open the students of arts and crafts and animation majors. Zhu Jin lacquer wood carving basic course. Chen Gaihong said: "As long as someone is willing to learn, this skill will never be inherited."