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Collection of 7640 books in the family! Meng Mengyang donated all his donations 2018-06-11


He loves books, and books that have been hidden for most of his life are donated to the Ningbo Municipal Archives. The day before yesterday, on the occasion of the June 9th International Archives Day, Mr. Meng Mengyang’s donation document was held at the Ningbo Municipal Archives Bureau. It is reported that this is the largest number of documents received by the municipal archives since the opening of the archives. In the donation literature, the ancient books accounted for a total of 7,640 copies of this collection of books collected by Mr. Meng Yang, which was mainly contributed to literature, history, philosophy, politics, religion, etc. Among them, there are more than 700 ancient books in the Qing edition and the Republic of China. These precious documents are collected by Mr. Meng Mengyang and collected according to the "Siku Quanshu Head". Many of these books are very rare. For example, Liang Xuchao, the eldest daughter of Liang Qichao, who was printed in Tokyo, Japan, wrote "The Selections of the Art Museum". In 1956, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the death of Mr. Lu Xun, the "Kang Kang Collection", which was first published in Japan, the "Complete Works of Wen Yiduo", which was first published in 1948, the work of Lu Xun, Lu Xun, printed in the period of the Republic of China, and the books on earth paper during the Anti-Japanese War. In addition, there are some collections of famous literati in Ningbo, such as the Qing Dynasty version of Mr. Ma Yamin, the "Peony Pavilion Resurrection", the "Nanhua Zhenjing" of Mr. Zhang Yuanzhen's Republic of China, and Mr. Zhu Zanqing's engraving and donation to Mr. Meng Mengyang's "Building" Yang County Shufang Bibliography, "Re-reading Huang Ming Xiaoshan Poetry Collection", "Mei Xinxue" and so on. Lifelong hobbies: Mr. Meng Mengyang, 85 years old, who loves books and books, is a retired cadre of the Ningbo Municipal Health Bureau. At the donation ceremony, Mr. Meng Mengyang said that the Chinese nation has many excellent cultural traditions, and one of the outstanding traditions is the love of books. Many book collectors love their books for life, and they are reluctant to spend a penny, but save every penny to buy books. The book collectors donated their collections to the country is a cultural heritage. Mr. Zhu Zanqing from Ningbo donated a lot of precious books to Tianyige. Compared with Mr. Zhu and others, his collection is insignificant, but he is still willing to put these books. Donated to the country, because the world is hidden in the people, the world is hidden in the country. Mr. Zhou Luzhi, a famous calligrapher on the island, said that he had known Meng Mengyang 60 years ago, and Meng Mengyang studied very seriously. Later, when Zhou Lizhi was the editor of the "Ningbo Daily" supplement, Meng Mengyang was one of the important contributors. Meng Mengyang lived a simple life but loved collecting books. The two rooms and one living room in the house were full of books. The excellent culture of the Chinese nation was passed down through books, and Meng Meng’s donation behavior moved him. An old colleague of Meng Yangyang revealed: "When he was working, he spent a long time eating in the canteen of the unit. After he retired, he took a meal at the street care center, and the money saved was bought." The establishment of the Mengyang counter was carefully preserved in 2015. In the month, the staff of the Ningbo Municipal Archives Bureau (the museum) learned from Mr. Zheng Yonghong of the Fenglin Evening Bookstore that Mr. Meng Mengyang intends to use his own life-collecting literature in a certain way to give him a department worthy of his entrustment. After learning the news, the staff asked Mr. Zheng Yonghong to convey the willingness of the Municipal Archives to collect these documents. On November 22, 2016, accompanied by Mr. Zheng Yonghong, Sun Fangqi, deputy director of the Municipal Archives Bureau, led the staff of the solicitation and research department to visit Mr. Meng Mengyang for the first time. Mr. Meng Yangyang warmly received them and introduced the books of the collection one by one. The two sides communicated on the receipt and preservation of the documents. Since then, the staff of the Municipal Archives Bureau has visited the Mr. Meng Mengyang many times. In October 2017, Mr. Meng Mengyang decided to donate all the Tibetan literature to the Ningbo Municipal Archives Bureau. After the entry of the documents, the organizers of the Ningbo Municipal Archives Bureau (the museum) registered the books, disinfected and put them on the books of Mr. Meng Mengyang. At present, Mr. Meng Mengyang's family literature has been carefully preserved in the file counters named after the old personal names. Wang Haijuan, director of the Ningbo Municipal Archives Bureau, said at the donation ceremony that the Municipal Archives Bureau (the library) will not be entrusted by Mr. Qi, and will manage the books and use the books well.