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Five painters made paintings on the manhole cover for the Ningbo Small Painting Star Public Welfare Fund 2018-06-14


Yesterday morning, the launching ceremony of the Ningbo Shuangchuang Public Welfare Foundation “Children's Beauty Well” public welfare manhole cover project and Xiaozhuxing Public Welfare Fund was launched in the urban forest community of Zhonggongmiao Street. The five painters were painting at the manhole cover, and they created a poster for the next small painting star. “Through this charity project, it is possible to encourage children to display their talents for painting, and at the same time beautify their homes and spread the positive energy theme, which is quite meaningful.” Yu Binglong, chairman of the Shuangchuang Public Welfare Foundation, said. The five painters created the scene in the sun, sketching and painting, and they are very committed. The painter Zhu Dongfeng lamented that there were countless creations on the canvas, and painting on the manhole cover was the first time. “The manhole cover is high and low, and it takes patience to paint the paint evenly. It is not as impromptu as it is on the canvas.” After more than an hour of creation, the works of the five painters are presented in front of everyone, each with a bright color. The picture is full of beauty, presenting the five themes of this call: childlike, beautiful Ningbo landmark, 3D, Wushui Gongzhi, garbage sorting. Next, the sponsoring party Ningbo Shuangchuang Public Welfare Foundation, together with the propaganda department of Yinzhou District Committee, the Communist Youth League Zhangzhou District Committee, and the Ningbo Liangzhu Painting Institute, will set up a “Double Creation Small Painting Star” public welfare fund in Ningbo to collect paintings from children in the city. , screening and appraising the works and setting up awards. The outstanding works collected not only give bonus encouragement, but also present them on the smart roof of the city, beautify the urban environment and transmit positive energy. Yu Binglong, the legal person and chairman of the Ningbo Shuangchuang Public Welfare Foundation, is the “Treasure Brother” that the media has reported many times and is familiar to everyone. Yu Binglong said: "With the support of this public welfare fund platform, we can do better public welfare. This small painting star public welfare fund is just the beginning. I hope to help more people in need in the future."