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The southern part of the book, the Hengxi News commentary 2018-06-20


A few days ago, the “Ningshang Laojiao – the third intangible cultural heritage festival of Yinzhou District and the local performance of Ningbo local art” hosted by the Ningbo Quyi Artists Association and the Yinzhou District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau were held at the Hengxi Town Film Theater. . The various performances of the show were splendid, and the artists and artists took out the housekeeping skills, showed the charm of the art, and presented a lively music festival full of laughter and laughter. The eight programs of the show have their own characteristics, including the gorgeous and elegant four Mingnan words "Alainbo welcomes you", and the humorous and fascinating Ningbo Xiaozhe "Dedication of Love" and Xiao Shushu "New Rural New Meteorology" There is also an easy-to-understand, "Yao Jiangqi case" that seems to be like a singer. Of course, Ningbo's favorite book, "A Lost Pearl", and Ningbo Commentary "Ningbo Wang Ruibo", singing news " Spicy Snail Girl is an indispensable piece. Mr. Zhang Shaoce, a 91-year-old Ningbo commentator at the provincial level, rushed to the scene early to guide the young actors. After watching the performance, he said that Ningbo's folk art heritage has hope.