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Inheriting the historical context, reshaping the rural culture, the road to the revitalization of Cicheng culture is getting wider and wider 2018-06-27


A few days ago, the villagers of Hongxing Village in Cicheng Township, Jiangbei District, enjoyed a wonderful traditional cultural event in the cultural hall. The actors were the literary lovers of the village. Activities like this were carried out every week in the vast rural areas of Cicheng. It is understood that Cicheng Town actively mobilizes the enthusiasm of the masses to participate, let the rural culture "move up" and "live", and the culture to help the rural revitalization path is getting better. Cicheng Town has a long history and profound cultural heritage. In recent years, it has adhered to the "cultural town" and vigorously promoted cultural construction to help rural revitalization. In the past two years, the town has continuously increased its investment in rural cultural infrastructure construction, and the funds for public cultural undertakings have increased every year. At present, the town has built 12 rural cultural auditoriums. In addition, the town is equipped with cultural staff in 37 villages and 7 community neighborhood committees under its jurisdiction, responsible for the organization of the mass culture and the collection and organization of regional culture. These mass culture “leaders” rely on rich cultural soil to bring out more than 100 literary and artistic culture teams, each with two or three. The town attaches great importance to the excavation of regional culture and gives it a new era of connotation and expression. A group of amateur dance lovers with an average age of 58 in Shangyu Village, around the Cixiao culture, based on their life experiences, created a scene dance "Old Mother" and won the "Top Ten" in the first "Mei Man Qiu Ge" community education achievement exhibition. Received a gold medal in the City Culture Hall Team Talent Competition. In addition, the town attaches great importance to the excavation and arrangement of celebrity cultural resources. While protecting the former residence of cultural celebrities, it actively contacts contemporary cultural celebrities as “endorsements” of Cicheng. After hiring Bai Yansong as a consultant to Cicheng Culture last year, a museum named after the famous contemporary painter Shao Bingkun was established. After guidance and support, each village in Cicheng Town has its own cultural brand. For example, Hongxing Village has “Bonsai Art Festival”, Banpu Village has “School Festival”, Sanqin Village has “White Tea Culture Festival”, and Wangjing Community holds “Every Year”. Neighbourhood Festival." The Cicheng government actively builds a platform, and there are activities in the villages of the town every week. There are performances every month. Each village cultural auditorium will conduct cultural activities at least once a month, and the town government will grant certain financial subsidies to each event. In addition, the town government began to carry out the “Pickup Village Culture” exhibition activity last year. The villages took turns to undertake the project. Each village had to choose its own boutique program. The village representatives and the literary and artistic backbones scored the selected programs for the whole year. An important basis for the evaluation and reward of cultural activities. The enrichment and enrichment of cultural activities has led to the change of folk customs in the countryside, the mutual support between the neighbors, and the renewal of the rural civilization.