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The national dance drama "Mulan" opens a national tour tour 2018-07-02


A few days ago, the national dance drama "Hua Mulan", which was created by the Municipal Performing Arts Group, was staged at the Guangxi Culture and Art Center, which opened the national tour of the national dance drama "Hua Mulan". This tour is the first round of the national tour. The 96 cast members of the Ningbo Performing Arts Group's Song and Dance Theater will perform "Hua Mulan" in Guangxi and Sichuan. Each year, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region introduces five national key art products. The national dance drama "Hua Mulan" is one of the introductions in 2018. On the day of the performance, the seating rate of 1,800 seats in the Guangxi Culture and Art Center reached 90%, making it the highest-profile drama since the opening of the art center. After the performance, the applause continued, and the actors continued to call the curtain six times. Starting from July 3, the crew will perform 5 consecutive performances at the Hong Kong Grand Theatre, the Luzhou Wine City Grand Theatre, the Longchang Lianfeng Grand Theatre and the Yibin Jiudu Theater. In the future, it will also tour in Shanghai and other places.