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The first drama drama "Confucius Apprentice" won the award. 2018-07-05


How to enter the "drama into the campus"? How to make children fall in love with the drama? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Shu Opera Research and Training Center that the center combined with the content of Chinese textbooks, the first drama drama "Confucius Apprentice" tailored for primary and secondary school students, attracted more and more children to the stage of the drama. Adapted from the primary school Chinese texts, "Drama into the campus" is simply a few professional actors to go to school to perform or hold lectures? How can the drama be rooted in the hearts of children? Wang Jinwen, the director of the Drama Research and Training Center and the winner of the Plum Blossom Award, has been thinking about these issues. Creating a drama drama for primary school students, let the children truly understand the singing, reading, doing, and playing of a singer, which will enable them to have a deeper understanding and understanding of the drama, so that they can be better popularized. And inheritance of the drama. Therefore, taking the contents of the textbook as a blueprint, the textbook drama "Confucius Apprentice", which was presented in the form of a drama, came into being. The drama "Confucius Apprentice" was written by Chen Yizhen, the director of the Research and Training Center of the Drama, directed by Wang Honggang, and the son of Liu Yutao, the son of Liu Yu, who is the composer of the opera, is the vocal design and composition. The performers are the primary school students of the Aiju Art School. "Confucius apprentice" tells the story of Confucius, who is a 30-year-old Confucius. However, in the daily communication with the students, he found that his knowledge is not profound enough, so he left his hometown Qufu. Luoyang worships the thinker Laozi as a teacher. Chen Yizhen said that although the drama is good at modern drama, it is a bit weird to let the primary school students play modern drama. The costume drama seems to be more in line with the aesthetic style of the opera. After seeing the article "Confucius Apprentice" in the Chinese textbook, a group of primary school students appeared in her mind, wearing Chinese clothes, 吟诵 "learning from time to time, not to mention? There are friends coming from afar, no Also happy?" Later, this scene appeared in the opening of the textbook drama. The pupils sang the drama and they started to appear on May 3rd. Director Wang Honggang officially entered the Aiju Art School to rehearse the students twice a week. In order not to affect the normal class of the students, each rehearsal can only be concentrated in 1 hour. One and a half hours. Most of these children did not speak Ningbo dialects, nor did they read the dramas. For this reason, Li Zhengming, a teacher at the Experimental Research Training Center, spent more than half a month teaching the children one word at a time. There are 12 small actors in this play, mostly fourth grade primary school students. The little actor who plays Confucius is named Liang Wei. He sang most in this play. The little actor who plays Laozi is called Lu Shuzhen. He has few plays, but he plays a decisive role in the play, reflecting Laozi’s elegance and stability. Liang Shu told reporters: "The teacher of the drama research and study center is very beautiful for our tailor-made clothing. I wear a beard and feel that my speech is very hard. This dress makes me pass through 2500 years ago." June On the 20th, the drama "Confucius Appreciation" participated in the 16th Art Festival of the Ningbo Education System hosted by the Ningbo Municipal Education Bureau, and won the second prize. It is reported that "Confucius Apprentice" will also perform at the opening ceremony of the pipa opera festival held in December this year.