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The 2nd Shamenghai Academic Seminar was held 2018-07-06


A few days ago, the second Shamenhai Academic Symposium was held in the hometown of Shamenghai, Yinzhou District. National calligraphy theory research experts and scholars from Beijing, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Hunan and other places gathered to exchange and discuss the latest achievements and theoretical developments in the field of calligraphy research in Sha Menghai. The symposium received enthusiastic attention and participation from calligraphy scholars and calligraphy enthusiasts at home and abroad. The participants included young and middle-aged calligraph theorists, university professors, masters and doctoral students. Their research perspectives are very broad, involving Sha Menghai's book art, book studies, printing, education and so on. The organizers organized experts to review these papers, and finally selected 20 selected papers and 20 finalists, and published them. At the seminar that day, 17 paper authors elaborated on their academic views and research results. The event was hosted by the Chinese Calligraphy Newspaper, the Chinese Calligraphy Magazine, and the Propaganda Department of the Yinzhou District Committee, and was organized by the Wenzhou District Wenlian, Shamenghaishu College, and the Provincial Book Association's Sha Menghai Research Committee.