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Ningbo Youth Peking Opera Heritage Base was established 2018-07-09


The unveiling ceremony of the Ningbo Youth Peking Opera Heritage Base was held in the Municipal Youth Palace. The base is co-sponsored by the Communist Youth League Ningbo Municipal Committee and the Ningbo Chinese Culture Promotion Association. The Ningbo Youth Palace and the Ningbo Cultural and Cultural Association's Peking Opera Art Heritage Center jointly hosted the program to enable young people to learn and understand the art of the Chinese quintessence and promote the city's characteristic art. The development of education. It is understood that after the establishment of the base, Beijing Opera professionals will be hired as part-time teachers to provide professional and systematic art training for small students; they will adopt a combination of internal and external classrooms, organize presentations, etc., to provide students with a platform to display artistic practice; Through the hiring of experts and teachers' assignments, the school will radiate to the music teachers of the city's primary and secondary schools, conduct tutoring and training of Peking opera art, and enhance the appreciation level of art teachers for Peking Opera. After the unveiling ceremony, the finals of the 6th Ningbo Youth Chinese Talents "Star of the Future" (Beijing Opera) were held. More than 20 small players will compete for the Beijing Star "Future Star" Award and "Star of the Future". Awards such as nominations and awards, and the results of the competition will be announced in the near future. It is understood that since the dissolution of the Beijing Opera Group in Ningbo at the end of the last century, there is currently no professional Peking Opera Troupe in the city. There are less than 10 schools in the city's primary and secondary schools with interest classes in Beijing opera. The newly established Ningbo Youth Peking Opera Heritage Base will select the seedlings from the selection of the “Star of the Future” (Beijing Opera), thus making the Beijing Opera Art of the city a successor.