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Provincial Youth Song Competition Finals and Awards Gala will be held in Jiangbei 2018-07-12


Yesterday afternoon, 2018 "Xinsong Plan" Zhejiang Youth Singer Competition Ningbo Division rematch started in Jiangbei. Jin Yuhua, deputy researcher of the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province, revealed at the scene that the finals are expected to be held in Jiangbei in August. According to Jin Yuhua, the Zhejiang Young Singer Competition is held once every five years, and the “Xinsong Plan” is a youth art talent training project launched by the Provincial Department of Culture, covering opera, music, dance, music, acrobatics, drama and other art categories. It has been carried out for 12 years. The biggest difference between this year's Youth Song Competition and the previous session is that the previous competitions were only for professionals, and the competition was open to the whole society. This made the number of applicants in this competition reach more than 1,700, setting a record for the Qingge Competition. The highest number of people. Based on the success of the Chinese Chorus Festival and the Provincial Music Festival in Jiangbei last year and the significant increase in the influence of Ningbo Music Port, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture decided to hold the finals and awards evening of this year's Youth Song Competition in Jiangbei. It is reported that the rematch is divided into two divisions of Hangzhou and Ningbo. The day before yesterday, the rematch of the Hangzhou Division has begun. From the afternoon of yesterday afternoon, 147 players from Wenzhou, Lishui, Zhangzhou, Taizhou, Shaoxing, Zhoushan, Jinhua and Ningbo will compete for the semi-finals through three days of competition.