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Ningbo Opens 25-Day "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Course" at Sofia Chinese Cultural Center 2018-07-23


Bulgarian primary and secondary school students are learning Chinese painting. (Respondents for the picture) On the occasion of the 16+1 cooperation blueprint of Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the Sofia Cultural Palace in Bulgaria, a “red peony” spanning a thousand miles was quietly blooming in this land. In the past month of the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center, foreign friends who have hand-painted brushes and scrolls and explored the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy often appeared. The focus of their discussion was the founder of the Red Peony Painting and Calligraphy International Exchange Society, which was rushed to the place from Ningbo, Hong Kong. Jiang Hongsheng. In the classrooms that have not yet been renovated, dozens of foreign students sit around Jiang Hongsheng, curiously observe the look and movements of his paintings, hoping to get the mystery of mysterious oriental culture. Due to the limited number of tables and chairs, some newly joined students can only stand and watch, but their enthusiasm has not decreased. "After receiving the invitation of the director of the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center, Tu Xuesong, I quickly made a decision to temporarily put down the work at hand, flew to Bulgaria, and shipped a batch of teaching and calligraphy teaching equipment." Jiang Hongsheng told reporters that before class The Sofia Chinese Cultural Center has recruited a group of students to post posters, and decided to hold a “Flower Open New Silk Road” – International Friends Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, which allows foreign students to obtain a platform for displaying works and carry the relationship between the two cities. Cultural exchanges and friendly collaboration. Excited foreign students brought many surprises to Jiang Hongsheng. Bulgarians love roses. They add a bright rose while depicting peony. They blend the ancient Bulgarian characters in the gap between the Chinese scripts, and let a simple "spring sleep does not know" the meaning of different national cultures. Outside the classroom, foreign friends who are interested in Chinese martial arts are also entangled by Professor Jiang Hongsheng's simple Taiji skills, bringing Guanhaiwei Taijiquan from Cixi, Ningbo, to the heart of the dream park, Victoria Peak and Sofia Cathedral thousands of kilometers away. . The 25-day time passed, Jiang Hong’s rise was still unfinished, and the foreign students were also reluctant to resign. They even wrote a letter with the names of all the students, hoping that the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center could extend the course. "The power of one person is limited. Fortunately, I have met many friends who share the same ambition. They help me to spread the 'seed' and let the fragrance of red peony drift in Central and Eastern Europe." Jiang Hongsheng said. At this year's China-Central and Eastern European Countries Investment and Trade Expo, Jiang Hongsheng received a framework agreement to establish the Slovenian Chinese Cultural Center, hoping to bring the exchange of painting and calligraphy courses to Europe. Nowadays, this program is becoming more and more mature. Based on the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center, it plans to open branches in Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, etc., to promote the art of calligraphy and painting and Chinese martial arts simultaneously, to establish a normal operation of the international teaching team, and to expand step by step. “Flower 圃” of “Red Peony” explores a “Ningbo Road” for the spread of folk culture.