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Non-genetic inheritance encounters two days of ice and fire 2018-07-24


"The lack of fresh blood is probably the soft underbelly of non-genetic inheritance. To explore its source, it can't escape the 'economic benefits' and 'cultural sentiments'. It is also related to the innovation of non-genetic inheritance education mechanism. Non-genetic inheritance is one. The game between 'economy' and 'culture', we need to build a bridge between the two, so that some non-legacy projects will be revived." This is the summer practice team of Zhejiang Media College students visited a number of intangible cultural heritage in Ningbo The conclusion reached after the inheritor. "A lot of non-legacy projects are in danger of being lost. The best way is to integrate them into the market so that they can continue to be circulated." Yesterday afternoon, the head of the team, Ren Qiu-ting, told reporters. Only when it is integrated into the market can Ren Qiu Ting say that their team and 13 instructors have conducted investigations and interviews with several non-genetic inheritors in Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District. They have visited the non-legacy halls of Yinzhou District and Dabanbu. The dragon base, the Zhujin lacquer wood carving hall, the water and fire meteor inheritor, the lanterns, the inheritors, the hoops and the inheritors, and the inheritors. During the visit, some non-genetic inheritors were no one worried about the successor. Chen Hongyi, the incarcerator of the hoop bucket, said: "There are no apprentices. I have gone to school for two months and I have not been able to learn for three years." The water and meteor inheritor Zhang Huatong said: "Now follow me. I am studying with my age, and no young people are willing to come.” During the process of exploring and inheriting the Datun Bulong project, college students found different contexts in the development of Daban Bron and Fenghua Bron. The two "Dragons" are the pride of Ningbo. They went to Beijing to participate in the competition at the end of the 20th century. They all won honorary awards. In 2006, Fenghua Bron was awarded the national intangible cultural heritage. In the predicament of Datun Bulong facing the loss of dragon craftsmanship, the hand-made cloth dragon of the "Chen's Shenlong Craftsmanship Workshop" of Fenghua's inheritor Chen Xingguo has been sold all over the world; At the time, the Fenghua Bronze Dragon Dance Team relied on participating in competitions and commercial performances, and maintained a scale of more than 10 people. Zhu Jinqiu woodcarving is a national-level non-legacy. His national inheritor Chen Gaihong built a “Zhujin lacquer wood carving art museum” by himself at the side of Hengxi Reservoir. After the pavilion, he was “Zhujin lacquer wood carving culture development Co., Ltd.” The production of gold lacquer wood carving has formed an industrial chain. "Because of adapting to the needs of the market and having economic benefits, we have little problem in recruiting apprentices. There are also young people around the age of 20, and there are also masters. The overall development of a virtuous circle, earning money, can be invested in the research and development of the process." Chen Sha-ning, general manager of Golden Lacquer Wood Culture Development Co., Ltd. said. Let the non-legacy become a subject into the campus team recommendation, accelerate the non-legacy subject, and make each non-legacy become a discipline. Ren Qiu-Ting said that non-legacy is generally taught through apprenticeship and ancestral skills. This leads to certain limitations in the scope of teaching, and also leads to a fragmented theoretical knowledge. Usually, a mysterious "only can be said to be unspeakable." "General. In fact, each of them relies on its melodious historical traditions, craftsmanship, and craftsmanship to become a systematic discipline, from the theoretical level to the practical level, into the education inheritance system. The team of college students believes that non-legacy can accelerate the exchanges and cooperation of similar non-legacy. Each of the same kind of non-existence has different characteristics in different places, and it is a branch of the same kind of skills and crafts in various places. For example, Daban Bulong and Fenghua Bron are equally concerned about dancing fast, slippery and changing. If Bron becomes a discipline, it is necessary to integrate the development and skills of Bulong around the world. In this process, the resources that can be shared by Bulong can be maximized, such as mutual learning and research. "The non-legacy subject can further improve the inheritance mechanism of non-legacy education and cultivate professional talents. For example, Zhu Jinqi Wood Carving Culture Development Co., Ltd. cooperates with Qijiang Vocational High School to set up a traditional craft major, including Zhu Jin lacquer wood carving professional, equipped for students. Professional teachers, summer vacations provide opportunities for key training talents to strengthen training in the company. If each non-legacy subject can become a practical, professional professional college or even undergraduate college, it can attract more young students to contact. "Learning to be a legacy, and treating non-legacy as your own career and career to develop and develop, so that non-legacy has a broader prospect." Ren Qiu-Ting said.