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Ye Shengjian, the inheritor of "Singing News": Xiao Quyi sang on the big stage 2018-08-07


Ye Shengjian displayed the adapted "Singing News" script. (Photo by Ji Lianfeng) "Singing News", also known as "Drums and Drums", is an ancient art that is widely spread in Xiangshan County and surrounding Beilun and Zhangzhou. Among them, the "singing news" in Xiangshan is used to rap and sing performances. Most of the contents reflect the local customs and customs, and it is also called "Xiangshan singing news." In the list of the representative inheritors of the fifth batch of representative projects of national intangible cultural heritage announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism this year, Ye Shengjian, the representative inheritor of the “Singing News” project, was among them. Not long ago, the reporter came to Ye Shengjian’s home. In the living room, there are subtitle machines and display screens that the department has just configured for him. These devices can make his performance content easier to understand, even those who do not understand the mountain can read the "singing news" through the subtitle machine. Content. In the past five years, according to the songs circulating in Shaoxing’s “Lotus Fall”, Ye Shengjian has compiled ten “singing news” scripts such as “Yu Yu”, “Contract Paper” and “Dragon and Phoenix Candle”. "I want to change the rhythm of the sentence to 'sing the news." I have been busy with this for a few years." Ye Shengjian, who has a thick stack of scripts, obviously has a sense of accomplishment. "Can you sing these scripts?" the reporter asked curiously. "Now the age is big, the memory is not good, only one script can be completely backed down. Other scripts can be sung if prompted by the device." Ye Shengjian said with a smile. At the request of the reporter, Ye Shengjian took out the full "home" of his performance from a backpack: a folding metal frame with a small drum and a small bow. I saw him put the drum on the metal frame, took the shackle in one hand, and started the performance with a hand-made tool that could both knock and knock. After a brief opening ceremony, Ye Shengjian opened his voice and sang a rhythm and rhythm. People couldn't help but want to listen. One person and one drum, Ye Shengjian demonstrated "singing news" In March 1960, Ye Shengjian was born in a farmer's family in Maowan Village, Tutz Town, Xiangshan County. The Dongxiang film where his family is located is the most widely spread area in Xiangshan. At that time, the village often came to visit, and they sang the news while they went door to door. The young Ye Shengjian felt very fun, and he chased it. After a long time, he began to imitate, and soon he could sing. "When I was seven or eight years old, I would 'sing the news.' This is my hobby. At that time, I learned from the master of the wall, Dong Shunfa. He was very famous in that era. The people in the ten miles and eight towns would go to listen to him." "Singing the news." Ye Shengjian said: "Master Dong Shunfa often comes to our village. He is blind and inconvenient to move. Sometimes the performance ends too late. I will take him to my house to live. Because I especially like to listen, slowly He followed him to learn simple rap, he is my first teacher." Ye Shengjian's academic performance in the school is not excellent, but he learned "singing news" but very quickly. With his super-small memory, Ye Shengjian can sing traditional songs such as "Yu Tang Xun Mu" and "Robe" in his teens. On the holidays, he will also sing in the neighborhood, attracting good voices. Before collecting and cultivating data, "Singing News" has a set of teams, and the team is responsible for picking up the work. Others follow the class and perform around. Every time they go to the place, the bronze gongs are knocked, and people know that it is "singing news". . "At that time, 'singing the news' was basically sung by the blind people when they went to the house to ask for food. The content was mostly about the new things and strange things happening around them. As long as one person could sing a song, the singing was basically lost. "Ye Shengjian said. Although many of the singing contents have been forgotten, Ye Shengjian has mastered the tune of “singing the news” such as humming, resounding, crying, and compassion, and can flexibly apply it according to the story. Especially the difficult compassion, with the recent loss of the old artists, the current Xiangshan only Ye Shengjian can sing. He can sing traditional repertoires such as "Three Counties and Judgments" and "Robes", and can also impromptuly sing the current news stories. The traditional "singing news" has no paper-based records. Through unremitting efforts, Ye Shengjian collected and compiled the scripts such as "Xinchang's case" and "Ciyun's going to the country", leaving precious documents for the research and inheritance of "singing news". . As a folk professional artist, Ye Shengjian has actively participated in various exhibitions and competitions organized by the national, provincial, municipal, and county cultural departments in recent years. He has won awards in succession. In 2013, he accompanied his disciple Li Suqin to perform "Singing News" and "Long Green onions". , won the 10th China Arts Festival Star Award. Since 2009, Ye Shengjian has taken the initiative to go to villages, communities, schools, nursing homes and other free performances, and has been warmly welcomed by everyone. Ye Shengjian also introduced the erhu and other musical instruments into the "singing news" performance, which improved the stage effect. He also added the tune of dramas such as Huangmei Opera in the "singing news" to make the performance form more abundant. Under the joint efforts of Ye Shengjian and other inheritors and the Xiangshan Cultural Department, the “singing news”, a place where the original line will disappear, has revived its vitality. In 2009, Ye Shengjian was named the provincial representative inheritor of the “Singing News” by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture. In 2011, the “singing news” declared by Xiangshan County was included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage. In order to carry forward the "singing news", Ye Shengjian has recruited five "singing news" fans, such as Li Suqin, Ye Jinjun, and Han Yuanzhang, as apprentices, and unreservedly taught them various tunes and singing and accompaniment skills of "singing news." The apprentice Li Suqin not only performed on the same stage as the master, but also performed affirmation and praise from experts in the national art circle and became a new star in the art circle of Zhejiang. Invited by Xiangshan Binhai Kindergarten, in the spring of 2016, Ye Shengjian walked into the classroom teaching of the school. He brought the simple "singing news" track "December Flower" to the big class children. “Singing the News” entered the classroom for the first time and was loved by children. Many people sang the songs he taught in his spare time. It is reported that next, Ye Shengjian will also enter the Xiangshan Wenfeng School and train a group of "singing news" small inheritors.