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Ningbo Film Company establishes public welfare film screening mechanism 2018-08-21


Yesterday afternoon, a group of disabled people accompanied by the staff went to Ningbo Shadow City (Tianlun Store) to watch the independent documentary "Da San Er" which premiered on the same day. This is the special event of Ningbo Yingdu (Tianlun Store) and the Cangzhou District Disabled Persons' Federation to launch a special charity event for the disabled. "Big Three" is a documentary film that has been evaluated by the industry as "filling the gaps in the biography of Chinese documentaries." The film tells the inspirational story of the dwarfism patients who have not lost their lives and who have finally achieved the dream of Tibet with super perseverance. The story is real, touching, and has received many praises. It is featured in the National Art Film Screening Alliance. In order to let the Ningbo audience share this excellent documentary reflecting the tenacious and hard-working spirit of the disabled, Ningbo Film (Tianlun), which is a national art film screening alliance to join the theater, introduced "Da San Er" and invited some disabled people at the premiere public welfare special session. Watch. The person in charge of Ningbo Film Company said that as a state-owned film company, the company upholds the social responsibility consciousness of cultural Huimin people, and plays the public welfare function of public cultural places to promote the creation of Ningbo civilized cities. To this end, Ningbo Film Company has recently established a long-term mechanism for public welfare film screening activities. Each of its theaters will position the audience according to the content of the film, and occasionally hold some public welfare film screening activities for special groups. The reporter learned that on the last two Sundays, Ningbo Yingdu (Dongmenkou) has launched a special public welfare program for sanitation workers and migrant children.