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The cello town theme event was held at the Friendship Music Theatre in Xianxiang. 2018-08-27


Yesterday, the opening ceremony of the Friends Music Theatre was held in Xianxiang Town, Yinzhou District. The first National Youth Cello Art Week and the 7th Youth Cello Competition Cello Stadium (CELLO TOWN) theme day was unveiled. The reporter learned that the Friends of the Music Theatre invested nearly 60 million yuan, the total construction area will reach 8,730 square meters, equipped with a large auditorium that can accommodate 900 people, is a cultural complex with teaching, entertainment, appreciation, communication and other functions. When completed in 2020, it will become a beautiful scenery along the Xiangshan Port. In the future, the “National Youth Cello Art Week” will be permanently settled in Zhangzhou, and the Youyou Music Theatre will also serve as the iconic music and cultural facility in the district. In the afternoon, Xianxiang Town held the first National Youth Cello Summit Forum, Chen Guangxian, Chairman of the China Symphony Development Foundation, Ma Youdan, Head of the New York COS Orchestra, Weng Zhi, Chairman of the Zhejiang Musicians Association, and Chen Minxian, Chairman of the Ningbo Musicians Association. The theme of "China's Youth Cello Performance Art and Prospects" was exchanged. In addition, in the ancestral home of Ma Youyou in Xianxiang Town, a ceremony was held for Ma You’s donation of his father Ma Xiaojun’s manuscript. On that night, as the grand finale of the theme of the Xianxiang cello town, the cello concert with the theme of “CELLO TOWN Music Night” was held at the seaside concert hall.