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The screenwriter creates the pulse script creative to help Ningbo's local theme "incubation" 2018-09-13


How to turn a good idea into a mature film and television script? As an important event of the 2018 China (Ningbo) Film and TV Screening Summit Forum, the well-known choreographer "Spiritual Screenplay Creativity" was held in Cixi yesterday morning. The famous national screenwriters Yu Fei, Hao Yan, Wen Haojie and local well-known screenwriter Wang Xiaojing and director Zhu Dingzhong formed a group of directors to appear on the scene, together with the creativity of the local script. The lineup of the directors participating in the conference is luxurious. The vice president of the Chinese Film Literature Society and the famous screenwriter Yu Fei, the representative works include the TV series "The Waves Never Die", "The Razor Edge", "The Six Cases of Serious Cases", etc.; the famous screenwriter Wen Haojie, representing the TV series "Ordinary World" "New Water Biography", etc.; famous screenwriter and writer Hao Yan, representative works include the TV series "Wang Dahua's Revolutionary Career" and "Love 20 Years". There are also two well-known local professionals in the choreographer, namely the vice president of Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute, the national screenwriter Wang Xiaojing and the vice chairman and secretary general of Ningbo TV Artists Association, the national first-level cameraman and well-known director Zhu Dingzhong. "The works of the TV series "Wenjun West Expedition" must pay special attention to the balance between historical materials and stories. It is best to first determine the type of film. It is recommended to combine the main theme with commercial elements to make something like "Nothing to Ask about West". A type of work." "The movie "Dash" character relationship line is a bit flat, but the angle of selection is very good, it is recommended to learn from the Korean film "Sunshine Sisters Amoy", the social changes, women's confusion in the workplace and other elements Incorporate into it.” The editorial team started from a professional perspective and gave pertinent suggestions on how the creativity of film and television scripts evokes the audience's resonance, balances their own experience and artistic imagination. It is worth mentioning that the script "Good night, dear" scripts presented by the Times Star Culture Media Studio of Ningbo High-tech Zone has been unanimously recognized by the editorial team. Yu Fei suggested that the original author, Wu Ge, extract the material from the novel. "Be sure to write a cruel and ridiculous, stumbling youth." The reporter found that Ningboo’s historical and cultural background has become the "native" of 11 local film and television scripts. Source of inspiration." Among them, there are not only the theme of revealing the historical connotation of the Zhejiang University, but also the historical intangible cultural events, such as the origin of the Zhejiang University, and the original intangible cultural heritage, such as the “Shili Red Makeup”. Meng Jianyao, deputy secretary and deputy director of Ningbo Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau, said that the name of the famous editor will further enhance the quality and competitiveness of local film and television projects, making them tangible, godly, rooted and soulful. In the future, we will see more and more exciting stories of Zhejiang and Ningbo appear in front of the screen and the screen.