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National Exhibition of Chinese Paintings 2018-09-17


"Cheng·Change" Wenshe Chinese Painting Boutique National Tour Ningbo was held in the Huajianmen Art Gallery of Hefeng Creative Square. The "Art and Life" theme forum held simultaneously attracted many heavyweights in Ningbo art and art circles. . Before the forum began, Wu Jianming, Fu Yikun, Liu Jiajun, Bao Haibin, Yang Bin, and Yang Qi six painters from “Wenshe” brought their nearly 100 Chinese paintings to the Huazhenmen Art Museum. Wu Jianming, a representative of the participating painters, said that the six artists who formed the "Wen She" art team wanted to express their feelings and introspection, so as to encourage everyone to study more about the art of Chinese painting. The topic of life and art is often mentioned, but what is the relationship between the two? At the "Art and Life" theme forum held on the same day, six painters and many big coffees in Ningbo art circles shared their understanding and experience. Wu Jianming believes that the relationship between life and art is like the relationship between art and literature. Only by studying the theory of words and writing, can we continue to improve ourselves. Finally, painting is also the release of emotions and hearts. If we are blind to dogmatism, That is not much development. "It is not the same as painting in the studio, and painting is more aura." Wu Jianming said.