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Tianyige·Yuehu Scenic Area’s Dafangyue’s “Tianyihui” Daily Debut 2018-09-26


Last night, in the Tianyige·Yuehu Scenic Area, Dafang Yuedi, the melody, the drama, the Yue opera, the Yao opera, the Ningbo commentary, the Ningbo book, the folk music, the Sichuan opera turn, the opera plum blossom winners Wang Jinwen, Zhang Xiaojun, the Yue opera master Xie Jinlian, the ingenious acting of Wen Haiping's art masters in Ningbo, has won the praises of the guests and foreign friends and the citizens. This is the first appearance of Dafangyue's "Tianyihui" every day. In the following week, every night, there will be Peking Opera, Yue Opera, and Ningbo Travel, as well as special cultural exhibitions such as calligraphy and painting and photography. “Tianyihui” will also set up a civic stage every Saturday night, with an open platform for the fans of the art, literary enthusiasts and other groups to “debut”. Dafang Yuedi is a Haishu District-level cultural protection unit. It was the former residence of Zhang Yuanzhi, the Guizhou governor of the Ming Dynasty. At the end of 2017, it officially entered the night opening stage. In order to cooperate with Tianyige·Yuehu Scenic Area to create a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot, Ningbo Wenbao Institute, Ningbo Cultural Center, Ningbo City Opera Communication Center and Ningbo Foreign Cultural Exchange Association jointly created the “Tianyihui”. Everyday performance venue. It not only enhances and satisfies the cultural and leisure needs of the current scenic spot citizens and tourists, but also further fills the night service spots in the scenic spot.