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Telling the story of Zhang Renya's use of life to guard the party constitution 2018-09-29


"Sounds are falling, the soldiers are fighting hard, and 100 deaths are the home country; the declaration is fair, but it is my mouth, always in my heart." The original musical "The Beginning of the Morning" was premiered at Ningbo University yesterday, and the spirit of the revolutionary ancestor Zhang Renya reappeared. The play was jointly produced by the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal Wenguang New Bureau, the Propaganda Department of the Yinzhou District Committee, the Music College of Ningbo University, the Ningbo University Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Wenzhou District Literary Federation. The performance of the Bailulin Musical Drama Club of Ningbo University was in 2018. Yinzhou District Arts and Cultural Excellence Project Key Support Project. The work tells the story of the early 20th century, when Li Si, a Ningbo native, broke his studies and went to work in Shanghai because of his brother’s revolution. In the strike movement, he met his fellow Zhang Renya and was taken to the gold and silver shop where he was an apprentice. . In studying and working with Zhang Renya and other comrades, Li Si understood what was a "revolution" and gradually grew into a communist fighter. "The story of Zhang Renya's guardian of the party's chapter is touched. The spirit of his courage is worth learning." Liang Qing, the producer of the drama, said that 22 pieces of original music were produced, including "Faith", "I swear", etc. The singer is catchy and easy to sing.