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During the 7-day long holiday of the National Day this year, the city people love to visit the museum. 2018-10-08


Yesterday, the reporter learned from the major museums in the city that during the 7-day National Day holiday, the Ningbo Museum visited more than 110,000 people, the Tianyi Pavilion Museum and the China Port Museum visited nearly 60,000 people, and the Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum visited more than 20000. Yesterday was the last day of the long holiday, and there was still a long queue at the entrance of the Ningbo Museum. During the National Day, the “Imperial Journey of Ancient Egypt – The Life View of Ancient Egyptians”, “The Palace of the Kingdom – The Confucian Temple of the Confucius in the Qing Dynasty”, attracted many cultural enthusiasts to taste. The staff told reporters that since the opening of the museum for 10 years, there has never been a holiday with so many visitors. “The most visited day appeared on the 3rd, with 21,000 people; even on the 5th, the number of visitors was 18,000. About one-third of the visitors came from the Yangtze River Delta.” National Day Concert, Ancient wind fan production, movable type printing experience, National Day knowledge quiz... Tianyige Museum arranged a variety of interactive activities during the 7-day long vacation. Yesterday afternoon, a couple from Anhui visited the "Qingfeng Sleeve-Mao Yanping fan-faced fan painting exhibition", and could not help but sigh "it is elegant". Then, the two men looked for the "Ancient Stage" in the "Tianyi Pavilion Hand-painted Map". They said: "Friends say that the ancient stage of Tianyi Pavilion is very beautiful. Take a look at the holidays." During the Golden Week, Tianyi The excellent volunteers of the Pavilion Museum explain the whole process of the tourists. The antique library building, the Zunjing Pavilion of the flying horns, and the gardens of Tiancheng... In their vivid description, more tourists feel the profoundness of traditional culture. The number of visitors to the Tianyi Pavilion Museum has been increasing in recent years. Last year and the National Day of the previous year, the number of visitors was 52,000 and 41,000, respectively. This year, the number of visitors to the National Day was nearly 60,000. The number of visitors to the China Port Museum on National Day this year has increased compared to last year, mainly due to the opening of the nearby beaches of 10,000 people. The festival of the Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum, the sweet-scented osmanthus sugar painting, and the production of osmanthus soap, let visitors take home the "fall" while enjoying the beauty of the mountains and the autumn scenery. The museum also cooperates with the Lanzhou Folk Music Orchestra of Zhangzhou Middle School to promote, popularize and inherit the beauty of the national music. The members of the Lanqing Folk Orchestra played more than ten kinds of musical instruments such as erhu, guzheng, liuqin, pipa and pipa, which made the tourists wonderful. music.