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Han Licheng, Director of Ningbo Art Museum: Focus on the construction of innovative culture system in contemporary art 2018-10-11


Just like its architectural style with post-modern features, the Ningbo Art Museum on the banks of the Li River is destined to be the “Art Ark”. Nearly one-third of the more than 60 exhibitions in the year are related to contemporary art, such as the recent 2018 Ningbo Contemporary Art Festival and Contemporary Art Exhibition, and the 2018 Art and City with the theme of “Art Reinventing the City”. The forum, the “Shaped Shape – 2018 Shanghai Abstract Art Ningbo Exhibition” is being exhibited. It can be said that the Ningbo Art Museum presents the audience with a feast of contemporary art with visual and intellectual ideas. Why are you so concerned about contemporary art? What is the development of contemporary art in Ningbo? The reporter interviewed Han Licheng, director of the Ningbo Art Museum. The core value of contemporary art is innovation. “I believe that the core value of contemporary art is innovation.” Han Licheng said that contemporary art, as the most active art category reflecting current life, affects the artistic temperament and cultural innovation of a city. The Ningbo Art Museum, as a platform for public art, has taken on this function. Ningbo is not only a historical and cultural city, but also an international port city and a modern and fashionable city. It has both profound cultural heritage and innate innovation and inclusive spirit. This is in line with the expression of contemporary art. . Han Licheng said: The innovation of contemporary art is multifaceted, not only in the language of painting, but also in the aspects of media, tools, communication, field and even viewing. The artist reinterprets or defines the real world with its unique vision, keen thinking and multiple feelings. Contemporary art does not refer to the art of the times, but the artist has the courage to seek the context of the times, and uses his works to express his thoughts on various problems under the changing times. Compared with the “past tense” of museums, the museum as a cultural display window of the city is more about the “present tense”. At the same time, as a public education platform, the museum also plays the role of art popularization and conceptual change. In today's informatization, contemporary art and art museums are constantly using technology, Internet and media to interact and create. It is the philosophy of contemporary art to present a good posture in Ningbo. The Ningbo Art Museum has always adhered to the high point of urban humanistic spirit construction and planned innovative Chinese and foreign contemporary art exhibitions to cultivate urban art ecology and build an innovative cultural system building. Han Licheng told reporters that since the establishment of the museum in October 2005, the Ningbo Art Museum has been actively expanding foreign cultural exchanges and exchanges. The artist studio has recruited more than 40 foreign artists from around the world and formed sisters with art galleries in more than 20 countries. The museum holds more than 10 foreign art exhibitions every year and is recognized by the industry as one of the most extroverted art galleries in the country. “Based on contemporary art, three to four foreign artists and Ningbo local artists exchange and learn about Ningbo’s local art. We also let foreign artists enter Ningbo’s universities to give lectures to students. Further expand the atmosphere of contemporary art." Han Licheng said. At present, Ningbo not only has a local biennial of contemporary art, but also an organizational unit of the national exhibition. It is reported that the National Comprehensive Materials Biennale and the five-year National Art Exhibition Comprehensive Material Zone have settled in Ningbo, which fully demonstrates the good trend of contemporary art in Ningbo. Fan Di'an, dean of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and vice chairman of the China Artists Association, commented: "The Ningbo Art Museum adheres to its own taste and has done a lot of substantive work in planning the introduction of international exhibitions and contemporary art exhibitions to promote Chinese contemporary art and international contemporary. The art exchange has made a positive contribution...will be included in the history of Chinese contemporary art."