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Ningbo local network movie "Wei Wei An" online 2018-10-12


Yesterday, the local youth inspirational online movie "Wei Wei An" was broadcasted exclusively on Sohu video. The film is marked by the "Ningbo Manufacturing": the producer is Yang Yazhong, a native film and television film in Ningbo; the film is filmed in the old Bund, Wuhu, Dongqian Lake, and southern business districts in Jiangbei; more than 100 people participated in the film. The actors are all recruited in Ningbo. Speaking of it, the story structure of "Wei Wei An" is similar to the cinematic film "July and An Sheng". It mainly tells that the two girls "Wei Wei" and "An" have known each other since the age of 18, knowing each other, and cherishing each other. Helping friends grow up stories. The film is directed by well-known domestic film director Ma Yuxian. He has directed many films, short films, large reality shows, documentaries and other types of film and television works. The short film "White Night", "Fireworks" and "Farewell Memories" won the 2014 "Three" The Seven Short Films "Best Film Award", the 2016 Nanning Green Oxygen Film Season's Best Creative Microfilm Award, and the 2017 New Studio Short Film Creation Competition Best Photography Award. In terms of actors, Zhou Zixi, Yi Shui, Zou Dumbie, Zhang Meng, etc. are all new generations of small flowers, many of them are “cooked faces”. For example, Zhou Zixi, the actor of Shen Weiwei in the film, starred in “Zhonggou Love” and “The Mixed University”. "Pole dancer" "Thousands of Thousand Kings Battle" and other film and television, or Zhejiang Satellite TV "Running Brothers" concert partner; Ling An's actor Yishui starred in "Surgical Fengyun" "hunting field" "live One time, "I don't want to miss you" and other works.