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Haisi Exhibition plus non-legacy experience Ningbo Museum “moving in” subway Gulou Station 2018-10-15


The fascinating corrugated wall is eye-catching, the content-rich "Maritime Silk Road" theme exhibition, interesting Ningbo features are not experienced... Recently, the Ningbo Museum "moved in" the subway, at the Gulou Station The living room tells the citizens of Ningbo about the history of Ningbo, the "Maritime Silk Road" in Ningbo, and the touching story of Ningbo people going to the sea. This is the first time that the Ningbo Museum and Ningbo Rail Transit have jointly created a theme cultural event. The "Maritime Silk Road" is not only the cultural context of Ningbo's history, but also the soul of Ningbo, a port city. The exhibition "The Living Stone of the Maritime Silk Road: Ningbo" exhibition is a condensed version of the "Oriental Shenzhou-Ningbo Historical Exhibition" of the Ningbo Museum. It selects Yongfengku, Shanglin Lake, Tiantong Temple and Baoguo Temple. The remains of the sea silk, supplemented by important cultural relics pictures and materials, from the merchandise trade, celadon trade, Buddhist cultural exchanges, the spread of architectural construction technology and the “Belt and Road Initiative”, have outlined Ningbo’s magnificent “Maritime Silk Road”. Historical development picture. The theme exhibition will last until October 31st. During the exhibition, the Ningbo Museum cooperated with the Cangzhou Non-legacy Center. There are two interactive exhibitions of non-legacy skills every weekend. The citizens can sign up for the non-Ningbo regional characteristics such as nail bowl, gold and silver color embroidery, sachet, dough, mud sculpture and paper-cut. Experience. On the afternoon of the 13th, the nail bowl experience event was lively and extraordinary, and the sound of jingling was one after another. The 6-year-old Hao Hao wants to nail a cartoon calf back on the plate and carefully test his hand on the porcelain plate. The mother who brought him to tell the reporter: "The nail bowl is the memory of our childhood. The boy likes to do it. It is good to take him to experience it. The traffic on the Drum Tower is also convenient. Everyone likes this kind of activity." Ningbo Museum The staff said that the protection of intangible cultural heritage has received more and more attention from the public. As a museum of social and cultural institutions, it has an unshirkable responsibility for the inheritance and protection of intangibles. Over the years, the Ningbo Museum has actively demonstrated, protected and promoted various non-legacy skills through social education activities. This time, through the activities held at the subway station, it is hoped that the museum space will be extended and the distance between the non-legacy and the public will be brought closer. life. (reporter