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China (Ningbo) Haisi International Theatre Festival will kick off three major dramas landing on the natural stage 2018-10-16


Yesterday, it was learned from Ningbo Performing Arts Group that the 2018 China (Ningbo) Haisi International Theatre Festival (main unit) will be opened on the natural stage on October 22nd. After that, there are nearly 10 domestic and international dramas and a whole week. Six national college drama dramas were staged in various theaters in Yucheng. As one of the series of 2018 Ningbo Contemporary Art Festival, Haisi International Drama Festival has established three sections: “Happy Childhood”, “Modern City” and “Youth Campus”, and adheres to the art form of “tradition of tradition and modernity” to explore the dialogue between youth and classics. "Innovative ideas, not only the classics of contemporary dramas, but also the lectures in the form of face-to-face with famous artists. The actors, works and audiences form an interaction, let the festival really "live", light up life with art, and promote urban humanities and art. The exchange of prosperity. The most history: "The Living Stone of the Opera" Fujian Liyuan Opera It is reported that one of the organizers of the festival, Ningbo Performing Arts Group, has launched three major dramas, which will be staged on the natural stage from October 24th to 28th. Among them, the national-level non-legacy drama, the Fujian Liyuan opera "Zhu Maochen (the Remnant)", which is known as the "living fossil of the opera", was first presented to the city, and there were also star couples, Lv Liping, Sun Haiying, the employer and the old driver. The warm and witty drama "Warm Alone" is also adapted from the American Pulitzer Prize-winning repertoire, the contemporary drama classic "Good Night, Mom" ​​brought by film star Mi Xue and Hong Kong stage drama Queen Jiao Yuan. Among these exhibitions, Fujian Liyuan Opera is relatively unfamiliar to the audience of Yucheng. It is a local opera drama sung in Quanzhou, Quanzhou. It originated in Quanzhou and is one of the oldest surviving operas in China. It is known as “Ancient”. The South Opera is full of sounds." This time, "Zhu Maochen (the Remnant)" is a rare opportunity to enjoy the city. Although the lyrics are mostly performed in the south of the country, the unique tunes, the actors' sci-fi, and the storyline can cross the region and age. Differences allow the audience to feel the unique charm of ancient Chinese art. Most worth seeing: the world classic drama "Good night, mother" Another tear show "Good night, mother" starring Hong Kong stars Mi Xue and Jiao Yuan came from the original work of Martha Norman, which was in Guangzhou last year. When Shanghai performed, it caused a strong response. In the play, Mickey’s mother played a fierce collision with the daughter of Jiao Yuan. The two actors fought each other and the performance burst, making this speculative play a very powerful stage. TVB sees Mi Xue as very familiar to the audience. Her film and television works have become the memory of many people, from "Huo Yuanjia" to the recent "Qing Xin Ji", "Heartstorm Trilogy", "Nothing to Ask West", etc. They all gained a high popularity and good reputation. This time, they staged a stage play, which enabled the Ningbo audience to enjoy the performance of this drama. The other starring "Good Night, Mom" ​​is Jiao Yuan, who is known as the "Queen of Hong Kong Stage Drama". This is also the second time she has boarded the stage of the city. During the 15th Asian Art Festival last year, Jiao Yuan accompanied the Hong Kong Spring Experimental Troupe on the natural stage to present the Cantonese version of the musical "My Fair Lady" to the audience. This is the first time in Hong Kong's performance group to perform in pure Cantonese on the Ningbo stage. It is reported that the prostar before the performance, Jiao Yuan, worried that the language problem would make the audience unable to understand, but then with the advancement of the plot, the actors performed wonderfully, Hong Kong drama. The ups and downs of the performance, convinced every audience on the scene, surprised by the mainland's Hong Kong faction stage art style to make the eyes of Ningbo audience wide open. According to reports, the 2018 China (Ningbo) Maritime Silk Road International Drama Festival is both an art event and an opportunity to integrate deeply with urban culture. It uses contemporary drama classics and local characteristics of opera dramas as a link for humanities exchanges. Classical and modern art forms are combined with Ningbo urban characteristics to experience the blending of Haisi culture.