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The original drama "Jade Jade" appeared in the first Ningbo Campus Drama Festival 2018-10-24


The first Ningbo Campus Drama Festival is underway. The large-scale original drama "Meiyushengyan" launched by Ningbo Dahongying College Qianyan Drama Troupe was staged at the Ningbo Grand Theatre last night, presenting a gorgeous visual feast to the audience. "Medical Jade" tells about the search for love and life. The whole drama focuses on the last period of the generation of the superstar superstar, Ling Lingyu, who struggles to find a pure feeling and can't. Husband Zhang Damin is the young master of the declining family. He is also a Shaodong family when he was a servant in his childhood. Even if he was still in the middle of his family, he was still immersed in the recollection of the past. He was cynical; the famous tea merchant Tang Jishan on the beach soon got the feeling of Yan Lingyu. However, he is not in love with the social flowers of the ten-mile field; the young director Cai Chusheng admires the grace of Yan Lingyu, he is full of talent but has no responsibility... The filthy world and the ugly humanity are pressing against Yan Lingyu, and the generation of famous people finally chose to commit suicide. . In May 2015, the Thousands of Drama Troupe performed the original drama "Medical Jade" on the campus, and the performance was very successful. After a lapse of three years, "Jade Jade Smoke" was presented to the public. Jin Siyi, the head of the Thousands of Drama Theatre of Ningbo Dahongying College, told the reporter that the biggest feature of the student drama club is that new members join each year and the old members leave. This time, most of the performances of the "Jade Jade Smoke" are new members. In September, when the "Jade Jade Smoke" was to participate in the first campus drama festival, the pressure on the members was relatively large. At first, everyone imitated the 2015 version of "Jade Jade Smoke", the troupe's instructor Liu Haihong looked dissatisfied after the rehearsal. Later, the Ningbo Institute of Culture and Art invited the director Yang Chengjiang to give professional guidance to the students. Director Yang analyzed the script before rehearsing, and then told everyone to "do not imitate but create, and play with your own character." The characters you play are only alive, you want to create a "beautiful jade" that belongs to you. In the follow-up rehearsal, each actor has fully exerted his personal initiative, and this time, the new "Jade Jade Smoke" presented on the stage. The existing 57-member Qianyan Drama Troupe is affiliated to the Ningbo Dahongying College Youth League Art Troupe. In 2009, the school established a drama team. In 2011, the drama team was renamed the Thousand Words Theatre Company. The troupe has a special performance every year and has been invited to Taiwan to exchange performances. Wang Xiaojing, deputy dean of Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute, told reporters that there are more than 30 campus drama clubs in the city. The school drama club alliance was established at the first campus drama art festival, which is to build performance exchanges and guidance for these campus drama clubs. Upgraded platform.