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Ningbo Book Fair will launch more than 200 events 2018-10-29


The 4th Zhejiang National Reading Festival and 2018 Ningbo Book Fair·Ningbo Reading Festival will be opened this week. The reporter was informed yesterday that the city's forum lectures, exhibitions, readers' meetings, signing and release, interactive promotion and other reading promotion activities. There are more than 200 games, and there are various discounts on books. In the main venue Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Nanjing Normal University professor Li Bo, famous best-selling author Zhang Jiajia, etc. will meet and interact with readers; on the afternoon of November 4th, contemporary famous writer, essayist and poet Lin Qingxuan will bring a new book, "Let's look at life from another angle." "It will share his unique life sentiment in the center stage of Hall 1." On the afternoon of November 2nd, the “School of the Fragrance” theme sharing will be held in Haishu District. Experts from China Press and Publication Research Institute, People’s Daily, Himalayan, etc. will share the discussion on the construction path of “Scholar City”; October From 30th to November 2nd, China Publishing Media Business Daily and Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group Co., Ltd. will jointly host the 2018 National Social Store Marketing Practice Matchmaking Conference, focusing on the exchange and docking of publishing houses and bookstores in the new era, through the awarding ceremony and high-end ceremony. Dialogue, explore and think about the innovation and expansion of social store marketing methods. In addition, including Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group (direct store), private bookstores and other physical bookstore stores and local libraries, community bookstores, reading groups, etc., will host more than 200 reading activities, and the main venue to link, convenient to all districts (cities) Readers are close to participating. This year, Ningbo Book Fair invited Jiangsu Province as the guest province, and organized 18 publishing houses including Jiangsu People's Publishing House, Yilin Publishing House, Jiangsu Phoenix Children's Publishing House, Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing House, Fenghuang Publishing House and Jiangsu Phoenix Literature Publishing House. Exhibitors. The Jiangsu Pavilion has prepared nearly a thousand fine books to participate in. The readers will also enjoy the live demonstration of Yangzhou Chinese engraving and printing at the same time as the book purchase. The senior early education lecturers Peng Jinling, Wang Jianrong, Wen Hao and Li Qing will meet face-to-face with the readers. The book fair fully considers the needs of the youth-reading key group. The Children's Comprehensive Museum will display 7,000 kinds of more than 51,000 children's books, and there are many interactive zones with different shapes and novelties. "Composition Magic Tutor" He Yuhua, "Nuo Ms. Mi’s “Yu Nuochen and other writers who are deeply loved by young readers will be the guest book show. While highlighting the public service function of the reading activities of the whole people, this reading festival pays attention to social benefits, adheres to the demand orientation and benefits the masses. More than 60 kinds of books from more than 500 publishers can fully meet the needs of readers of different ages and levels. Citizens can enjoy a 20% discount on purchases at the retail venues of the International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the area, you can enjoy discounts of up to 50%. The direct stores in Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore will launch an electronic red envelope event, which can be used for purchase of over 59 yuan. A red envelope worth 20 yuan.