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The Ningbo Book Fair will come to a curtain and the love train of the county will soon start. 2018-11-06


More than 500 publishing houses across the country participated in the exhibition, more than 60,000 kinds of fine books were unveiled, and more than 200 offline events were held... The 2018 Ningbo Book Fair has slowly fallen. Compared with previous years, this year’s book fair has been brushed out. Beautiful data? Ningbo people are very enthusiastic about the book fair. Just past the weekend, all the people went to book fairs, and book selection books became popular words for citizens' weekend life. According to the relevant person in charge of the organizer of the book fair, in order to facilitate and attract readers to watch the exhibition, they paid free 350,000 book fair tickets before the book fair began. The reporter learned from the organizer of the book fair that from November 2nd to 4th, the number of people in the main venue of the Ningbo Book Fair reached 133,600 person-times, an increase of 30.98% compared with last year; the book sales reached 61,697 books, and the sales amount was nearly 3.17 million yuan. , a year-on-year increase of 37.83% (including pure books of 2.156 million yuan, sales growth of 44.04%; stationery Wenchuang sales of 504,000 yuan; education and cultural products of 528,000 yuan). In addition, the 2018 Zhejiang Autumn Pavilion distribution achieved sales of 61.55 million yuan, an increase of 25.03%, an increase of 12.32 million yuan. At this year's book fair, the writers who came to sign the contract also constantly refreshed the data. At 3 pm on Saturday, Zhang Jiajia, who has a multi-identity of writers, directors and screenwriters, took the new book "There is a canteen in the cloud" and appeared in the venue, signing 1678 books, breaking the record of the book fair. On the last day of the book fair, Lin Qingxuan's new book, "Qing Xuan said: Looking at life from another angle," was launched nationwide, with a total of 2,873 copies. Zhang Jiajia's previous record was only retained for one day and was broken. "One Yuan Loves a Library" Upgraded at the Ningbo Book Fair last year, the large-scale public welfare activity "One Yuan Love One Library" jointly sponsored by Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group and Hyundai Golden News became the crowning touch of the book fair. This year, the charity event not only continued, but also scaled up and scaled up. During the interview of the reporter's book fair, I saw that the wall of love between the No. 1 and No. 2 pavilions had already been occupied by the signature of the Ningbo love citizens. With the love of the children in the county, everyone signed the name on the wall. According to statistics, in 2018, the book fair sold 61,697 books, so the amount of public welfare activities will definitely exceed 61,697 yuan, and the money is super last year. "In combination with last year's experience, we are more accurate in targeting the audiences of 2018 public welfare activities. The books are mainly given to students from the second elementary school in the county. After the book fair is over, we will communicate and confirm with the local education bureaus in the county. The other party said that in addition to the lack of books, the current school is still scarce bookshelves. After learning this news, we quickly got in touch with the bookshelf builder, a number of special bookshelves have been basically finalized. Next, we will also be responsible for the school with the local school. People will make further contacts, so that children such as children can see books donated by Ningbo's caring citizens as soon as possible.” Lu Xin, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group, said that the costs of purchasing books, custom bookshelves, transportation and other expenses are positive. Will exceed 60,000 yuan. However, no matter how much extra cost, the love of Ningbo Aishu citizens will be passed on to build a library with love.