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Wang Yangming Research Institute unveiled Ningbo to build a cultural center in Yangming City 2018-11-07


Yesterday morning, the Wangyangming Institute of Ningbo City and the Yangming Cultural Park of Qinglin Bay Park were also unveiled at the Qinglin Bay Park in Haishu District. As part of the “Yangming” Cultural Week, this activity once again made Yangming culture research a focus of academic attention. The construction of Yangming culture should be more "width". At 10 am on the same day, the public service center of Qinglin Bay Park was crowded. Yangming research experts and scholars from the whole country and the province gathered together to participate in Wang Yangming Research Institute and Yangming Culture Garden. The launching ceremony was held. "The research of Wang Yangming Research Institute should have 'high', and strive to produce high-level academic achievements in the study of Yangming culture; to build Yangming Cultural Garden into a Yangming cultural center in Ningbo, and to make Ningbo Yangming culture more There is 'width'. At the ceremony, Wan Yawei, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, hoped in his short speech. Professor Wu Guang, director of the Zhejiang Institute of Chinese Culture and director of the Zhejiang International Yangming Studies Center, has an in-depth study of Yangming culture. He said: "As we all know, Ningbo Yuyao is the birthplace of Wang Yangming, and it is also attended by his hometown. After the imperial examinations, they gradually entered the career path. Many people have a lot of stories about Yangming Dragon Field Enlightenment, Pingding Ning Wang Rebellion, and Xin Xue Dacheng. In fact, Wang Yangming has a unique feeling for his hometown. In 1521, Wang Yangming returned to his hometown, and Yuyao students money. Dehong and other 74 people worshiped Yang Ming as a teacher. Later, he decided to teach in Zhongxiang Pavilion in his hometown. Even though his wife died, he also gave pain to the students. Now Zhongtiange is still there, and Wang Yangming’s spirit is still there." For the story of Wang Yangming, Wu Guangru has a few treasures. It is reported that the report of the thirteenth party congress of the city held last year has officially proposed to carry out the research and inheritance of traditional culture such as Wang Yangming's thought, and regard it as an important measure to "accelerate the construction of a strong cultural city and build a first-class urban soft power". . As the birthplace, growth place and lecture place of Wang Yangming, the most accomplished philosopher of the Ming Dynasty, Ningbo established the “International Yangming Culture Research Center”, which has always been the pursuit of all walks of life in Ningbo. In an unveiling ceremony for the promotion of Yangming culture in Ningbo, Chen Liquan, the leader of the Yangming Cultural Research and Innovation Team of Ningbo, and the Party Secretary of the Municipal Social Science Association, made a sincere statement. Compared to many places where Mr. Yang Ming’s footprint is, Ningbo is in Yangming. More efforts are needed to pass on cultural heritage, discovery and promotion. "We have a firm commitment and ambition to carry out the promotion and promotion of Yangming culture, and make it a cultural business card that Ningbo handed to the world!" Chen Liquan, who has been committed to the promotion and promotion of Yangming culture over the years, believes that it is closer. In the year, Ningbo's research atmosphere on Yangming culture became more and more intense. Support from all walks of life, such as the party committee government and ordinary citizens, gave him great confidence. In addition, according to Chen Liquan, in order to promote Yangming culture, the municipal management department provided more than 900 square meters of office space for the Ningbo Wangyangming Research Association. What moved Chen Liquan even more was that many people saw the relevant news from his WeChat friends and donated tens of thousands of yuan worth of office supplies for the research society. "The above kinds are enough to prove that Ningbo people are against Yangming culture. I agree that this is the basis for our research and promotion of Yangming culture!" Chen Liquan said with emotion.