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Ningbo Scenery Photography Exhibition unveiled in Bulgaria 2018-11-12


The Ningbo Scenery Photography Exhibition opened recently at the Chinese Cultural Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, and exhibited 52 photographs created by Ningbo photographers. Gu Hongxing, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria, praised: "The photos taken by Ningbo artists are very exciting, and the scenery in Ningbo is shocking." Wang Xiaoyong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, said that this exhibition shows the profound heritage and unique charm of Ningbo's local culture. The 40th anniversary of reform and opening up has brought the city's image of Ningbo's economic development, social harmony, cultural prosperity, ecological livability and inclusiveness. At the event, two artists in Ningbo also created engraving and watercolor paintings, and held the lecture on “The Evolution of Chinese Apparel” and folk art teaching, which not only allowed the Bulgarian audience to experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture, but also increased the participation of the event. Tu Xuesong, head of the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center, said that the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center is an official cultural institution established by the Chinese government overseas. It is jointly established by the Ministry of Culture and Ningbo City. Since the unveiling in November 2017, we have actively established contacts with local governments, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, and mainstream media to hold 2018 Happy Spring Festival activities and Chinese culture into the campus. This photo exhibition is also an important event arranged by the Center this year. By organizing this event, the Bulgarian people can better understand Ningbo, promote exchanges and cooperation between Ningbo and Bulgarian cities, and make the image of Ningbo city more three-dimensional.