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2018 甬 drama art festival will hold 5 dramas in 12 dramas next month. 2018-11-13


The annual pipa art festival is coming again! From December 4th to 22nd, the 2018 pipa art festival and local opera performance will be held at the Shaw Theatre. In the 20th day, there will be 12 major dramas of 5 dramas, including 甬 drama, 婺 drama, Shanghai opera, Huangmei opera and Huai Opera. The old works of the White Snake, "The Red Lantern", "Thunderstorm", "The Female Horse", and other new works such as "Jiangxia Street", "The Prime Minister of the Alley" and "Pudong People" are not to be missed by the fans. The highlights of the four pipa operas are the dramas. The city pipa troupe and the martial arts research and study center will jointly present four major dramas: "Jiangxia Street", which was staged on December 4, is the city. This year's new troupe of the troupe is starring Zheng Jian, a small student, and appeared on the natural stage in August. The play tells about the love, hate, hatred and joys and sorrows of a group of ordinary Ningbo people living in Jiangxia Street. How to condense the great changes in Chinese society in the past 40 years in a two-hour drama is one of the dramas. Big look. The old items with age characteristics, such as food stamps, sugar quail eggs, black and white TV sets, can easily resonate with old Ningbo. The "Three Counties Review", which will be staged on December 5th, is a traditional drama of the drama, starring young actors Zhang Xinyi, Awakening, and Ke Wei. The two major dramas of the finale, "The Past of Da Nang" and "The Scholars of the New Year" were staged on December 21 and 22 respectively. The former was co-operated by the famous drama master Wang Jinwen and the ticket keeper Qian Houyi and Shi Meifu. The latter was by Wang Jinwen disciple Shi Yan. Join hands with Zhou Fucai and Zhang Haibo. It is worth mentioning that the "Danggang Past" just returned from Hong Kong at the end of last month. This is a big drama created by the drama research and study center last year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return. It is a virtuous and capable person. The story of the outstanding Ningbo women, the audience can also appreciate the elegance of the plum blossom winner Wang Jinwen. Local Opera Exhibitions and Classics Participating in this year's local opera performances include the Zhejiang Opera Troupe, Shanghai Changning Shanghai Opera Troupe, Anhui Anqing Huangmei Opera Art Theatre and Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe. They each brought two big plays, like the singer "White Snake" on December 7th, the lyrics "Red Lantern" on the 8th, the Shanghai Opera "Thunderstorm" on the 11th, the Huangmei Opera on the 15th, "The Female Donkey", 16th The Huangmei Opera "Tian Xian Fu" is a classic repertoire that is well-known and never tired of. For example, "White Snake Biography" is one of the masterpieces of the drama "Wenxiuwu", which is known as "singing a white snake, making a green snake, and falling down Xu Xian". Bai Niangzi and Xiaoqing’s “snake step” and “snake shape” show the dance of “the god and the human being”. Xu Xian’s “Thirteen Falls” fell out of the strong and rough style of the drama. Each set looks like a "live sculpture" and is beautiful. I have seen the "White Snake Biography" of the Yue Opera version, and then compare the drama version of the same name. It is not interesting. In addition to the old drama, the two theater groups in Shanghai also brought two new plays, namely the Shanghai Opera "The Alley Manager" which will be staged on December 12 and the Huai Opera "Pudong People's Family" on the 18th. The former is based on Zhu Guoping, secretary of Shanghai Changning Hongshang Neighborhood Committee, and tells the story of Pan Yaping, the secretary of the neighborhood committee, who dares to take responsibility and resolves contradictory stories with true feelings and wisdom. The latter interprets the three young people living in Pudong and Puxi facing “Pudong Development”. The attitudes shown by this tremendous change. In addition, it will be expected to be staged on December 19th, and the "Three Passes", "Luo Ying Intern", "A Thousand Miles to Send Jing Niang" and "Xiu Cai Wife" will be expected to be held by the Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe. The cultural Huimin fare is 2018 甬 drama art festival and local opera performance is hosted by Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, and is jointly organized by the Municipal Opera Research and Training Center, the Municipal Performing Arts Group, and the Yifu Theatre. It is not only a platform for the exchanges between the dramas and the brothers, but also a major measure for the Shaw Theatre to create a “dock” to meet the cultural and artistic appreciation needs of the citizens. As one of the contents of the city's cultural Huimin, the 2018 drama art festival and local opera performances are not only good-looking, but also the fare is "good-looking". The lowest fare is 20 yuan, which is very close to the people. Moreover, there are also discounts for purchasing various types of packages, such as a set of C tickets for 12 games, each set of 180 yuan, which is only 15 yuan per game.