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Ningbo's second IP brand matchmaking meeting will be held in Jingdong Haier to talk about IP new gameplay 2018-11-15


Tomorrow afternoon, the second IP brand matchmaking conference in Ningbo will be held at the Radisson Hotel in NUS. Haier Group, Jingdong Group's innovative strategy, IP entertainment experts will deliver a keynote speech at the venue. In addition, more than 20 large-scale coffee companies in China have also come to dock to jointly plan the future of the IP industry. This year's matchmaking meeting is mainly composed of the theme conference, boutique IP display, business negotiation and other sections. The first IP brand and the Ningbo manufacturing matchmaking conference held at the end of last year have made many people remember. Ningbo Hanxiang Culture & Ruili and the person in charge said: "We have been familiar with IP projects before we did the film and television industry, but it is not clear how it works. It has really benefited from participating in such activities last year." Today this company Already involved in IP docking projects. At the first matchmaking meeting last year, more than 20 projects were successfully signed. “Brand is an important symbol of cultural products. Authorization is a promising business model for the 21st century cultural and creative industry. As an important part of the cultural industry, brand authorization has always been highly valued. In this way, it can form a very strong vitality. Cultural innovation model," an industry insider said. This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Under the background of the new era, Ningbo's manufacturing enterprises are highly sensitive to industrial upgrading. They are also eager to upgrade their industries and accelerate cultural reforms and industrial development. Therefore, the second docking summit is also more socially meaningful. Economic benefits. According to the reporter, the second IP brand matchmaking meeting aims to explore how to find a new model of IP licensing cooperation and realize a new path of industrial innovation transformation under the current situation of vigorously promoting intellectual property protection and innovation. Business, IP companies and Ningbo manufacturing industry, accelerate the promotion of Ningbo's manufacturing culture, actively promote the upgrading of traditional industries, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Ningbo manufacturing. During the matchmaking meeting, Haier Group and Jingdong Group's innovation strategy and IP entertainment experts will share the new “playing method” of IP on the spot. Representatives of companies such as Unicorn, Hidden Manor, Mike Panda, and Youhe Stationery will also talk about how IP can shake the market.