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"Dongqian Lake Culture Series" Expert Seminar Held 2018-11-19


A few days ago, "a lake, reading half a city" - "Dongqian Lake Culture Series" expert seminar was held at the Fenglin Night Bookstore. After more than three years of cultural workers in and outside the province, the system of the Dongqian Lake has been published, discussed and created. At present, "Dongqian Lake Culture Series" has published 9 works, including "Shaying in Dongqian Lake" The oral form records the life of the legendary painter of the genius of the world, and has a very high cultural and historical value. The seminar invited Huang Wenjie, Lu Haibo, Han Guangzhi, Xia Ke, Wu Ge, Zhou Dongxu and many other scholars and writers from Ningbo to attend the seminar. The series of books were discussed from the perspectives of historical value, literary value and social value. Experts have provided valuable suggestions for the future series of books and the construction of the Dongqian Lake cultural research project.