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Ningbo University Quyi League Competition held 2018-11-20


On November 18th, the Ningbo University Art League Competition was held at the Qianhu Campus of Zhejiang Wanli College. The 12 programs selected by 8 institutions were ranked high. After three hours of fierce competition, Jing Wenbin and Chen Haohao from the Zhejiang Wanli College and the performance of the cross talk "Luxun Lu Xun" won the chairmanship. The team from William Critchlow and Bo Yuan Chang from the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, with the cross talk "Who is on first" The performance won a special style award. Since the launch of the City University Quyi League Competition in September, it has received positive responses from the college committees, students and the Quyi community in Ningbo. As of the end of October, more than 40 entries have been received, and these works are mostly original, showing the style of the times. After expert review, a total of 12 works were finalists. After three contests, the final selection of the contest was the squad, the attacking of the Pioneer team, the attacking of the outstanding team of eight, and the special style award. The cross talks brought by two foreign students from the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, reflect the blending of Chinese Quyi culture and Western culture, and are loved and welcomed by Chinese and foreign students. The competition was hosted by the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Communist Youth League Ningbo Municipal Committee, the Municipal Musical Artists Association, and Zhejiang Wanli College.