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"Literature and Art Pairs" Let the Rural Cultural Auditorium "live" 2018-11-26


In the late autumn morning, the small bridge flowing water and mottled ancient houses in Qianyu Village, Gulin Town, Haishu District welcomed a group of special guests. The Haishu District Artists Association organized more than 100 painters and art lovers to come to sketch. The easel is set aside, and the scenes with unique features of Jiangnan Water Village are gradually drawn into the painting. "Through the painter's pen, we introduce the beauty of the former village to more people." Qi Yunquan, vice chairman of the Haishu District Art Association, said that in July this year, the Haishu District Art Association and the Qiang Village Cultural Hall were paired together. The village held a “formerly affair” art exhibition. The painter was first organized to collect paintings in the village, and then the selected works were toured in the cultural hall and the various exhibition halls in the city to promote the characteristics of the former village. Formerly known as “Taopu”, Qianqian Village is a historical and cultural village with rich texture. The ancient village is surrounded by green water and once known as “Tianpu Ten Views”. Jiang Zhenli, the famous watercolor painter and editor-in-chief of "Chinese Watercolor", said: "The former village highlights the characteristics of the Jiangnan water town, and the original ecology is rare. The American Association and the cultural hall of the ancient village are paired. The painter has a creative base and gets more creative inspiration. More beautiful, more people know, and truly achieve mutual cooperation and win-win." At present, the 11 literary and art associations under the Haishu District Literary Federation have been "literally paired with" the cultural halls of 26 villages, and "cultivate a team and organization every year." Two collections of winds, three lectures, and four training sessions were held to timely grasp the cultural needs of the village, accurately carry out the cultural “send breeding and breeding” activities, and help the construction of the grassroots literary team in the cultural hall, so that the villagers have more cultural gains. . In addition to the “literature and art pairing”, Haishu District also allows the urban community to “align” with the cultural halls and the amateur literary team of the cultural hall, and promote more high-quality cultural resources to enter the cultural hall to enrich and enhance the cultural service supply of the cultural hall. Haicang currently has 78 rural cultural halls, and will have more than 90 by the end of the year. At the end of last year, Haishu was awarded the title of County (City), an advanced district for the construction of rural cultural halls in Zhejiang Province. The relevant person in charge of the propaganda department of Haishu District Committee said that through cultural and artistic pairing, cultural kinship, team alliance and other means, the cultural auditorium will truly become the soul and charm of excavating local culture, retaining rural memories, revitalizing rural culture, and realizing rural rejuvenation. . Reporter's Notes At present, the city has built a system of service guidance centers for three levels of rural cultural halls in cities, districts, counties (cities) and townships (streets), and strives to meet and meet the needs of farmers and improve the use of rural cultural halls. As of the end of September, the city has built 1,287 rural cultural halls, becoming a rich and diverse rural cultural complex.