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Foreign students experience the beauty of drama 2018-11-30


Wang Meiwen, the winner of the “Plum Blossom Award”, gave a lecture on the art of the opera, and also performed a classic drama of the drama. The makeup artist made up the makeup for the foreign students and let them put on the costumes to experience the beauty of the drama. Yesterday, the "Drama into the Campus" activity of the Drama Research and Training Center entered the Ningbo Zhicheng School. Wang Jinwen said in the lecture that the opera is a small flower in the Chinese Opera Bai Garden. As a Ningbo person, he should take care of this small flower. She demonstrated on the stage, visually showing what is the comprehensiveness, virtuality, and procedurality of the opera, and describes how the opera uses various programs to shape lifelike characters. Zhang Yu, a makeup artist at the drama research and study center, and Shu Yiping, a costume teacher, used the two foreign students of Zhicheng School to make drama and wear costumes, let them experience the unique aesthetic of Chinese opera. When two foreign students wore costumes and slowly walked onto the stage, the audience suddenly applauded. Wang Jinwen also praised: "Foreign students wearing costumes are very handsome and beautiful." The two foreign students, the girls are Koreans. The boys are Americans. Under the guidance of Wang Jinwen, they learned a few simple opera movements, picked up the orchid fingers, and became a "pair" in the play. Wang Jinwen also suggested that students go into the theater to watch the drama. "The opera is the live art. The theater effect of the actors and the audience is incomparable to the film and television drama." It is reported that from the beginning of the year to the present, the drama research and study center "drama into the campus" The event held a total of 71 events and participated in more than 6,000 students. It has successively entered the Minjiang Town Central Primary School, Aiju Art School, Ningbo City Vocational and Technical College, Ningbo Economic and Trade School, Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology and other schools. Through the art lectures of the drama, the creation of the first drama drama, the classic opera performance of the opera, and the makeup art training class, the young students' understanding and love of the opera art has been promoted, which has promoted the development of the opera.