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Qinghai Province Haixi Prefecture Cultural Walking Activities held in Handan 2018-12-10


Carrying aid and affection, and conclude friendship and cooperation. "Love in Chaidamu·Dream in Qiantang River" - Qinghai Province Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Cultural Walking Family Event was held in our city yesterday. The main body of the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is the Qaidam Basin, which is known as the “Treasure of the Motherland”. Since the central government made a major strategic decision to support Tibetan areas in Qinghai Province in 2010, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have arranged more than 1.3 billion yuan in aid construction funds and implemented more than 300 aid projects, and built Haixi Senior High School and Golmud People's Hospital Emergency Center. Wait for a batch of projects. In 2018, Haixi Prefecture achieved a global poverty alleviation. Yesterday afternoon, at the cultural tourism promotion conference held in the natural stage hall, red and black carp from the Qaidam Basin, green organic products such as red sap juice, buckwheat and alcohol in the desert, sand painting, salt carving, and Chaka Salt Lake The green salt hot physiotherapy bag, camel quilt, camel sleeping bag, peach stone, hibiscus jade, ethnic handicrafts are very popular among the participants, and there are many people coming to consult and negotiate. In the meantime, the participating merchants exchanged experiences on the development of tourism and cultural industries in the two places, and explored the path of the development of cultural tourism between the two places. At 7 o'clock last night, the cultural pro-literary performance was kicked off in the dance "Shengshi Harmony". The song "Hand in Qiantang to see Kunlun" "Love in Chaidamu" mellows melodiously, dance "Snowy Songs", "Passion Hot Bar" is hot, Beijing rhyme drum "Grateful" is touching, Mongolian long-tune folk song "Going Horse and God" The Matouqin enlightened "Wrangler" Gao Bingliang, let the audience as if they were in the vast grassland, galloping on the Gobi Desert, deeply felt the deep affection from the Qaidam Basin. The brilliant performances of the literary performances won applause from the audience. The event was hosted by the Haixi Prefecture Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Haixi People's Government, and the counterpart of the Haixi Prefecture of Qinghai Province.