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"My City, My Song" award-winning work release concert held 2018-12-27


Or sing the spirit of self-improvement, honesty and pragmatism, or sing the beautiful old street of Xiangpu Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City, last night at the Jiangbei Cultural Center Theater, the 7th "My City My Song" award-winning work concert in Ningbo The 10 "Best Songs" are filled with strong regional culture in Ningbo. According to reports, the City Musicians Association began to hold the "My City My Songs" song collection campaign in 2010, aiming to tell the story of Ningbo with music. It has been held for seven times and collected more than 600 original songs. Eighty-eight award-winning songs were selected, and the youngest songwriter was only 10 years old. A group of outstanding original songs born from it have won awards in the province and national music competitions, such as "The Little Village in Memory" and "I am waiting for you in Ningbo", etc., which have also become the repertoire on the Ningbo literary stage. The degree of singing. This year's 7th "My City, My Songs" collection began in March, and received more than 40 original works. After the selection, "Tianxia Ci Merchant" (Huo Jianxing, Wu Zuliang), "The Eagle is Still" (Proudhon, Fang Jiequ), "The Legend of Beauty" (Hong Enxie, Army Song), "Wind and Rain" (Hu Lei Na Ci, Lan Wen Cong Qu), "Hometown Muddy" (Li Qiang, Yan Zaiwang and Chen Xingyu), "I am waiting for you in the old street" (Lv Ming and Qian Yiyi, Lu Mingqu), "Mr. 》(毛竹词,单陆咪曲), "雅之韵" (Chen Yunqi, Wang Shaohong), "Walking through the zebra crossing" (Ma Ling's lyrics, Zhao Yanbin) and "The Moon at the Sea" (Yan Hui and Proudhon, Shi Xuesong) A total of 10 songs were rated as "Best Songs". Among them, "The Wind and Rain Ferry" is the late teacher Zhang Yufei of Yuejing Primary School in Ninghai Changjie Town. He escorted the children on the island to the ferry and went to school on the ferry for 15 years. He was rated as the most beautiful Ningbo in 2016. people". In the concert last night, this group of outstanding city songs was sung in various singing styles such as solo, duet, group singing, chorus, table singing, etc., and also appeared on the stage, as well as the Pinocchio vocal group with Acapella The performance of the "Ma Lan Tune", as well as "Small Town Marshaler", "See Liang Lianghong", "Collection" and many other excellent songs.