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40 cultural events in Ningbo's cultural relics development 2018-12-28


Yesterday, it was learned from the Municipal Cultural Insurance Office that the era mark sponsored by the Ningbo Cultural and Cultural Society – the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the 40th anniversary of the development of Ningbo cultural relics has ended. After online voting, combined with the opinions of the masses and the comprehensive consideration of the evaluation expert group, 40 major events such as “Ningbo officially ranked among the world's cultural heritage cities” and “Ningbo Museum established” were selected. According to reports, the selection activities have received enthusiastic response from the masses of the city. As of December 17, more than 2020 valid votes were received. At the same time, many people called to recommend their cultural relics in Ningbo. The forty major events selected in this review cover cultural heritage protection, archaeological excavation, and museum opening. The types include awards, innovations, legal construction, and cultural benefits. Forty major events were announced today in the Ningbo Cultural Heritage WeChat public account.