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The 3rd Ningbo Calligraphy Seal Exhibition was unveiled and more than 200 works were exhibited. 2019-01-14


Yesterday, the third Ningbo Calligraphy Seal Exhibition was opened at the Ningbo Art Museum. This is the second time that the city has held the city's calligraphy and engraving exhibition again in the past six years. More than 200 works have been exhibited. In the previous exhibitions, this is the largest and most participated in the works. The reporter learned that since September 2018, the contest organizing committee has received 875 submissions, including 556 calligraphy, 57 engravings, 15 engravings, and 247 hard pen calligraphy. “After 6 years, the third calligraphy and engraving exhibition was held. We saw that the overall level of calligraphy engraving in Ningbo has been greatly improved.” Xia Junyi, vice chairman of the Municipal Calligraphers Association, was the second calligraphy calligraphy in Ningbo. The winner of the exhibition, six years later he participated as a judge. "The '70s' and '80s' are the main force of this exhibition. There are also some '90s' players. What is more gratifying is that there are many 'new Ningbo people' to participate." Xia Junyu said. After the rigorous review by the jury, a total of 5 outstanding award-winning works, 10 outstanding nominations, 253 entries, and 88 selected works were selected. There are 5 excellent pen calligraphy awards, 5 outstanding nominations, 50 entries, and 50 selected works. It is understood that the city has a long history of calligraphy. In the early years of the Tang Dynasty, one of the four descendants of the Tang Dynasty was born. The cursive of the Ming Dynasty Dafeng Fengfang was world famous. The calligraphy of the master of the mind, Wang Yangming, was also a classic of the world. Since the Qing Dynasty, it has been a master of masters. In the age of generations, masters such as Jiang Yuying, Mei Dingding, Feng Junmu, Ma Heng, Pan Tianshou, and Sha Menghai have emerged, occupying an important position in the history of Chinese calligraphy. This exhibition will last until January 20.