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Zhejiang Coastal Express Express Travel Theme Promotion Campaign Launched 2019-01-20


Yesterday, “Holding the Beautiful Lake District of Taiwan” – the launching ceremony of the 2019 Zhejiang Coastal Expressway Cultural Tourism Theme Promotion Event was held in Xiangshan Film and Television City. The event was guided by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Zhejiang Tourism Promotion and Promotion Center, Ningbo Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, Wenzhou City Culture and Broadcasting Tourism Bureau, Taizhou Culture and Radio and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, and Xiangshan County People's Government. The opening of the coastal expressway was an opportunity to expand the Zhejiang scroll of “Shan Hai Shi Yi”. Zhejiang Coastal Expressway has 14 areas with abundant mountain and sea tourism resources such as Cangzhou, Xiangshan, Ninghai, Sanmen, Linhai, Jiaojiang, Luqiao, Wenling, Yuhuan, Yueqing, Longwan, Ruian, Pingyang and Cangnan. At the launching ceremony, the “Beautiful Mountain Sea” Zhejiang Coastal Expressway Travel Promotion Alliance was formally established, and the “Xiangshan Declaration” jointly formed by member units was released. With the opportunity of the official opening of the Zhejiang Coastal Expressway, the Zhejiang Tourism Promotion Center will jointly launch a platform for the launch of such a beautiful rural life week, “crossing beautiful villages and international cross-country walking conferences” and “the theme of mountain and sea”. A variety of theme promotion activities such as the blind date travel festival and the coastal self-driving travel life festival. The reporter learned that the Yongtaiwen high-speed double-track was opened, and Xiangshan Film and Television City also introduced a welfare policy: from January 16 to January 31, 2019, within half a month of the opening of the bridge, citizens of Ningbo, Taizhou and Wenzhou enjoyed their ID cards. Half price concessions, self-driving car owners to travel to Xiangshan Film and Television City for free with the toll ticket. Zhejiang coastal high-speed, with a total length of about 378 kilometers, all the way beautiful scenery, not only has Sanmen Bay, Taizhou Bay and Yueqing Bay seascape, but also the scenery of Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou along the mountain, this line is a veritable golden tourist line, from north to In the south, it radiates nine 5A-level scenic spots such as Xitang, Nanhu, Wuzhen, Putuoshan, Tianyige, Xikou-Tengtou, Tiantaishan, Shenxianju and Yandangshan, as well as Linhai Ancient City, Huji Island and Changyuyutian. Xiangshan Studios and other high-quality tourist destinations striving for 5A-level scenic spots. Therefore, the opening of the Zhejiang coastal high-speed will inevitably promote the full advantage of natural resources along the route, and strive to build a coastal tourism belt based on the coastal economic belt.