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"Lu Luming" ended the first national tour 2019-01-21


On the evening of the 19th, the fourth performance of the national tour of the national opera “Zhuluming” was performed at Chongqing Guotai Art Center. After the performance, the applause continued for a long time, the actors repeatedly called the curtain, and the audience refused to leave. The successful conclusion of this performance also represents the end of the first national tour of "Lulu Ming". The national opera "Zhu Luming" is deeply loved about the little-known story in the process of extracting artemisinin from the team that is based on Tuyu. Since the premiere in Ningbo in May 2017, the show has appeared at the 19th Shanghai International Arts Festival and the 3rd China Opera Festival. In 2018, "Yu Luming" was invited to Beijing three times to participate in the "National Excellent National Opera Exhibition", "National Grand Theater Opera Festival" and "National Excellent Reality Theme Stage Art Exhibition" demonstration performance. The tour was the first national tour of "Lu Luming". In order to ensure the stability and continuity of the chorus team, on the basis of the original song and dance troupe, Ningbo Performing Arts Group combined the singers with strong singing skills in the troupe and the troupe for a month of professional training. A choir that can be mobilized at any time has been established for "Lulu Ming". Previously, "Lu Luming" toured the Sichuan Yibin Jiudu Theater and Chengdu Jincheng Art Palace. Local audiences have said that they rarely see such high-quality national operas. "呦呦鹿" is not only good-sounding, but also good-looking. The Ningbo culture in the play is even more impressive. In recent years, the Municipal Performing Arts Group has organized many original plays of the city to carry out national tours. In 2017, Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe “Vietnamese Miles” set off a wave of Yue Opera in Sichuan. The 2018 dance drama “Hua Mulan” was warmly welcomed in Sichuan. Through the stage art tour, not only shows the regional culture of Ningbo, but also promotes the city image of Ningbo.