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Professor Li Xiao came to class to use Yangming philosophy for the Millennium 2019-01-23


Professor Li Xiao in the lecture last night, Ningbo Yangming Cultural Garden in Qinglin Bay Park ushered in a big coffee - Li Xiao, a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law who had attended hundreds of forums, brought a name to the Ningbo audience. For the lectures of "Following the Matter" and "Sincerely", he expounded the spirit of Yangming through different perspectives, and combined with the philosophy of Mr. Yang Ming for the millennium. On the beginning of the lecture on Yang Ming’s spirit of “fine work”, Professor Li Xiao first told a small story. A few years ago, he went to a factory in Japan that was engaged in the production of porcelain. On the table of the hostess of the factory, he saw a philosophical book about Wang Yangming. As a professor who has been engaged in the study of history and economic history for many years, Li Xiao was surprised. He asked the female factory owner, "Does this book affect your production and business?" The other party's answer is clear: not only has influence but also helps. Great! At that moment, Li Xiao felt very moved. So, last year, Li Xiao went to the land of Mr. Yang Ming, the dragon of Guizhou Longchang. This year is the 490th anniversary of the death of Mr. Yang Ming, and he came to the hometown of Mr. Yang Ming: Ningbo. "In the Yangming Cultural Garden in Ningbo, in the hometown of Mr. Yang Ming, I have a lecture on Mr. Yang Ming, which is quite stressful." Li Xiaoru said. In the following lectures, Li Xiao proposed that “the essence of merit” is an important part of Yangming's philosophy. "In his work, Mr. Yang Ming mentioned "fine one's merits", 'fine one's training', 'fine one's learning', 'fine one's kung fu' in several ways. It can be said that 'fine one Mr. Er Zi was very valued. In 1525, at the age of 54, Mr. Yang Ming wrote the book "Re-repairing Shan Yin Xue Ji", which was written by Mr. Yang in his later years. "Jingyi" and "Wei Jing" are said." Li Xiao further explained: Mr. Yang Ming himself had a wonderful explanation. The so-called only fine is the only effort, the only one is the only idea. It is a metaphor for rice. If a person wants a pure white rice, this is the only thing that removes impurities, rice skin, and even poorly grouted rice. This is Wei Jing, Mr. should think so here, one wants to The brain is full of conscience, this is the only way to carefully remove the lusts in your own mind. "'Wei Jing' = 'Things on the mill' + 'do their heart'; 'Wei Jing' = 'province check system ' + 'have nothing to ask '; 'only fine ' = 'good for evil is a thing'. In Li Xiao's view, the theory and thoughts of the ancient sages must be used by the present people and cannot be followed. Therefore, Li Xiao said that as a professor of economic history, Mr. Yang Ming’s “fine skills” can provide the right people with the right solution and treatment of things: if you want to do good things, you have to sham. Fine, can do things well. In the second half of the lecture, Mr. Li Xiao combined the "fine work" of Mr. Yang Ming with Sima Qian's "Biography of the Goods" and told him about the second half of the lecture. Some opinions of the merchants. Professor Li Xiao first shared the text of Sima Qian's "Historical Records and Biography of Goods". He explained that after statistics, in the "Historical Records of the Biography of Goods", there were 52 businessmen mentioned by Sima Qian, and the most intoxicated was the place with which the land of Ningbo was inextricably linked. "In Dongqian Lake in Ningbo, it is said that it is not the place where Fan Yi lived. Taogong Island is in Ningbo. Even from Fan Wei, the history of Ningbo people has been more than 2,500 years, so long history can be in the mall. In the unbeaten, the "sincerity caused by the "Taiyi" has played a decisive role." Li Xiao said. Li Xiao further explained: The so-called "sincerity caused by", in the old saying, is the focus of the matter, brought about by professional management, this is the immortal rationality of success, this sentence is the way of doing business. "Fan Hao in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, he not only let Yue Wang Goujian revenge and rejuvenate, but also become the richest man; modern China has Ningbo to help the patriots love the town. Here the head has the role of 'sincerity caused by it.'" Li Xiao believes that if Mr. Yang Ming’s “fine merits” can be combined with Sima Qian’s “Sincerity One”, then he can “grow” healthily in life and shopping malls.