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2019 Ningbo Cultural Fair will be held in April 2019-01-30


Yesterday, the reporter learned from the working meeting of the 2019 Ningbo Cultural Fair Organizing Committee that the 4th China (Ningbo) Characteristic Cultural Industry Expo will be held at the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 12th to 14th. The fair will be hosted by the Ningbo Municipal People's Government and the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Industry Promotion Association. The Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, and the Municipal Radio and Television Group will host the event. This year's Ningbo Cultural Fair will focus on “One Belt, One Road”, “integration of culture and travel”, and aim at “internationalization, marketization and specialization”, and further strengthen the series of activities such as exhibition transactions, conference forums and investment negotiations. Ningbo's cultural industry exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” and key domestic cities will build Ningbo's future-oriented and world-oriented cultural space layout, enhance the visibility and influence of Ningbo in domestic and foreign cities, and help promote Ningbo's economic and social development. High quality development. This year's ICIF will launch 6 pavilions with an exhibition area of ​​about 40,000 square meters, focusing on the three themes of “One Belt and One Road International Cultural Trade”, “Cultural Intelligence Digital Technology” and “Traditional Culture Modern Life” and “Innovative Development of Cultural Industry”. On the special topic, more than 50,000 Chinese and foreign businessmen are invited, and the number of visitors will exceed 320,000. It is worth mentioning that this year's Ningbo Cultural Fair will launch the concept of “the guest country” for the first time in the “Belt and Road” theme pavilion, and it is proposed to invite Italy to participate in the host country. The venue will introduce the Da Vinci Digital Art Exhibition, the Manuscript Model Exhibition and the Italian International Design Biennale to promote Chinese design artists to go out and introduce design artists from around the world to expand Ningbo's international influence. In addition, this year's Cultural Fair will set up seven sub-meeting venues including Ningbo Culture Square, Ningbo Music Port, Ningbo International Circuit and Bodi Film Show City in the city. During the exhibition, the corresponding supporting activities will be carried out to echo the main venue to create a grand atmosphere. . It is reported that at present, the investment promotion work of the 2019 Ningbo Cultural Fair has been fully carried out and is being implemented. The preparations for other various thematic activities are also progressing in an orderly manner.