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Ningbo City Management Ningbo Garden Museum Qingtian Stone Carving Art Exhibition opens 2019-01-31


Yesterday, the Qingtian Stone Carving Art Exhibition, which was carefully prepared by the City Garden Management Ningbo Garden Museum, was officially opened with the theme of “Hingge Yihong, Qingyu Zangchun”. Ningbo Garden Museum is located in Ludao Park, Jiangbei District. It is the first museum in Zhejiang Province with a special theme for gardens. It was officially opened in March last year. The museum is divided into six major indoor exhibition halls and two outdoor exhibition gardens, which show the highlights and characteristics of Ningbo gardens in different periods. As an important element of garden gardening, the mountain stone has always had the intrinsic meaning of “the mustard and the mountain”. This time, Ningbo Garden Museum and Qingtian, the “Hometown of Chinese Stone Carvings”, introduced more than 100 pieces of exquisite stone carvings, carefully arranged to combine the elegant and ingenious gardens with the self-contained genre and the magnified Qingtian stone carvings. To make the public feel the ingenuity of Chinese gardens at home. The reporter saw at the scene that the work "Red Sorghum", a sorghum carved on the whole stone, like a high-handed "torch", seems to have the meaning of dancing with the autumn wind; the work "Spring is like a brocade", with the theme of peacock opening. With jade orchid as the background, it is decorated with plum blossoms, and the techniques of carving, carving and embossing are intertwined and in one go. It is worthwhile to play with the taste. The work of the art, the ingenuity of the work, the "gentle of the gentleman", the dry bamboo pile Background, with plum blossoms and pillars as the carrier, portrays a map of the gentleman. It is reported that the Ningbo Garden Museum is free to open. Usually closed on Monday, if there is no holiday on holiday. The key works of this exhibition are equipped with two-dimensional codes. The public can scan the code to read the creative content of the works. The Ningbo Garden Museum also specially trained a group of “little guides” to guide the public to watch. This exhibition will last until mid-February.