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"The City of Scholarly" is well-deserved! This borrowing cabinet is the first in the country. 2019-02-03


The public borrowed a book from the borrowing cabinet at the Gulou subway station in Ningbo, which is a well-deserved reputation! The reporter was informed yesterday that the credit lending cabinet at the Gulou subway station has been used for more than two months since its launch. The monthly repayment amount has exceeded 2,000 copies, and it is far ahead in more than 200 credit lending cabinets nationwide. The first month of its operation is in the country. The borrowing cabinet occupied the first place. This credit lending cabinet is set up by the Ningbo Library. It can be completed here by borrowing books, returning books, taking books, and inquiring. The specific location is located at the Exit A of the Metropolitan Railway Station, “Yuchenghui Living Room”, and the entire cabinet can hold 240 books. Every afternoon, the staff of Ningbo Library will give this smart borrowing cabinet a "book", that is, a book that returns the readers, a book that has not been taken away after the appointment period, and then the reader has made an appointment on the mobile phone. The book was delivered to the closet. The public can borrow the books they are looking for directly in front of the cabinet, or they can reserve books on the mobile phone and wait for the staff to complete the delivery to pick up the books. The so-called credit lending cabinet means that the public can borrow a book in this cabinet without a deposit or a loan-free reading. There are two channels for borrowing books. Through Alipay or WeChat: readers with sesame credit scores greater than 550 points, you can search for “Jiatu borrowing booklet” on Alipay APP, and then choose “Ningbo City Library” to borrow books. By using the inquiry card or deposit, you can also view the information such as “borrowing record” and “borrowing history” through the inquiry function. In addition, the public can also enter the “Ningbo City Library” WeChat public number, click on the “Micro Service Hall” at the bottom and enter “Day A book of appointments, binding the reader's card, and then borrowing books. “'Tianyiyishu' is a convenient service launched by Ningbo Library since 2017. It is one of the contents of setting up credit lending cabinets in different corners of the city. In addition to the new library and two rooms of Yongfeng Hall The credit lending cabinet, the Drum Tower subway station, is the first lending cabinet located outside the library. It uses the Internet technology and logistics system to let readers get the book they want to read. After the online order is successful, the reader will receive it. To SMS notification, just click the 'take the book' button on the credit loan box and enter the password to get the book.” The staff told the reporter. It is reported that the credit lending cabinet of Gulou Subway Station was officially opened on December 1, 2018. Big data shows that this month, the cabinet self-service borrowing books 1,039 books, self-help books 935 books, delivery books 537 books, these three data The sum is 2511, ranking first in more than 200 credit lending cabinets nationwide; the second is a lending cabinet of the Suzhou Library, and the three data are added in 2009. The reporter also saw that as of January 29 this year, the most popular one in the Drum Tower is the Japanese writer Akutagawa Ryunosuke's prose essay "Love This", which was borrowed 12 times; followed by It is a parent-child reading "Colorful idioms are interesting", borrowed 10 times; 5 books borrowed 9 times, respectively, fashion reading "Perfect Symmetric Breakfast", parent-child reading "Great Wolf Tok calls" "Tiger, I will "Take you cured", the cultural category "Dream Bookstore: The World's Most Beautiful Bookstore Tour" and the comic book "Sichuan Treasure Hunt". It can also be seen that the majority of people who borrow books in this cabinet are young people who are concerned about emotions and fashion.