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Ningbo Tongsheng Choir won the gold medal in international competition 2019-02-19


On February 18th, Beijing time, good news came from Princeton, USA. In the Princeton "Happy Voices" American International Choir Festival, the Ningbo Tongsheng Choir scored a total score of 2053 points and won the international competition gold medal Level-1. . After the award, the children waved the five-star red flag and cheered on the stage. They left the Chinese voice and the Chinese red at the Westminster Choir Academy in Princeton, and added an international honor to the construction of the Ningbo Music City. . □ Gold News reporter Wu Dana yesterday afternoon, the founder of Ningbo Tongsheng Choir, Zheng Si, was difficult to conceal when interviewed by reporters. “Compared with other competition teams, our team has fewer people and poor age, but children can overcome the time difference. And the body function is not suitable, winning the first, quite not easy." Zheng Si said. According to Zheng Si, Princeton’s “Happy Voices” American International Choir Festival was hosted by the Interkultur International Cultural Exchange Foundation, the initiator and organizer of the World Choir Movement, co-organized by the Westminster Choir Academy, and the American conductor. An international chorus art event co-sponsored by the Association and the Princeton City Council. There are 8 competition groups in this chorus festival. The participating teams include the Canadian Lava Tongsheng Choir, the Pakipu Shivasar College Choir in New York, and the St. Sicilian Girls Choir in Canada. In the competition, the Ningbo Tongsheng Choir also encountered many problems, such as fewer participants. Zheng Si revealed, "The Chinese traditional Chinese New Year during the competition, coupled with the long distance, so many children can not participate in the competition. In the end only 24 members to participate. For example, a choir is equivalent to a 'sound', popular In terms of the reduction of personnel, the decibel of the sound is not high enough, and the tension of the deductive work is not strong enough.” Zheng Si recalled that when he first arrived in the United States, the children did not even sing because of the jet lag and physical fitness. Come out, "Intensive training every day, the children will slowly adapt to the rhythm over there in the next few days." In the interview, Zheng Si further revealed that the three songs of the Ningbo Children's Choir Competition are very difficult. On the same stage, the Canadian Lava Choir and the American Native Choir are very strong. We sang the Guangxi virginity "The Moon", the Hungarian song "Gypsies Eating Cheese", and the Russian song "Beautiful Distance". The first song. "The Moon" is a song adapted from Guangxi folk songs. "Beautiful distance" is Russian. The most difficult thing is "Gypsy eating cheese." ", The choices are a cappella, without any musical accompaniment, the entire sound is done by the choir themselves." In the end, the teachers and children to work hard, the whole team to overcome difficulties and achieved good results Children's Chorus group gold medal. It is reported that during the US, the children of the Ningbo Tongsheng Choir also competed with choirs from all over the world to perform a friendly concert with the choirs from Canada and the United States. They listened to the world famous excellent chorus. The group - the wonderful singing of the Westminster Choir, visited the world's largest chorus music exhibition organized by the Westminster Choir Academy, and was full of harvest. ●Extended reading The Ningbo Tongsheng Choir was established in June 2016 as the gold business card for Ningbo to create a music city and the Ningbo Music Port Key Project of Ningbo's “13th Five-Year Plan”. The choir was awarded by the China Conservatory of Music and the Ningbo Municipal Government. Strong support. Since its establishment more than two years ago, the choir has conducted chorus and music courses in dozens of communities and schools throughout the city, and has participated in more than 40 competitions, performances and charity events, providing professional and down-to-earth support for the construction of Ningbo Music City. In 2017, Ningbo Tongsheng Choir was selected into the National Art Foundation Annual Art Talents Training Program and won the 6th World Youth Choir Festival (Hong Kong) Gold Award; in 2018, the Ningbo Tongsheng Choir recorded the Ningbo City Voice Promo, which was released at the State Council Information Office. He won the first prize in the gold medal of the 2018 National Choral Art Festival.