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Yao Guanrong's 2019 Ningbo New Year Concert played "Spring Blessing" 2019-02-25


Last night, at the Ningbo Grand Theatre, one of the representatives of the music "Ningbo Gang", the national first-level commander and composer Mr. Yao Guanrong, with his "First Symphony", for the first time, the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra, the People's Republic of China The 70th anniversary of the founding of the city, brought a "spring blessing" symphony concert to the audience. The "First Symphony" was created in 2017 by Mr. Yao Guanrong, who is over 80 years old. Mr. Yao returned to his hometown and dedicated his symphony of infinite feelings to the motherland in this 2019 New Year concert. This is his first public performance in his hometown and the first performance of the work in China. The violin concerto "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" performed in the concert has a strong element of Ningbo. The Spring Festival Overture brings the joy of the Spring Festival and the hope of spring. Each track has been carefully selected and arranged to bring symphony to the audience. Beautiful experience. This concert is the "opening door" of the music event in Ningbo Music Port in 2019. It also helps the music Ningbo to return to the hometown to imagine the music industry and industry development, and talk about the construction of Ningbo "Music City". It is understood that Yao Guanrong is one of the ten most famous old generation conductors since the founding of New China, and one of the founders of Chinese film music conductor. He has directed more than 200 film and music works such as "Wild Fire Spring Breeze Ancient City" and "Little Heroes Legend", among which the number of audiovisuals in "Authentic Warfare" broke the Guinness Book of Records. After the reform and opening up, Yao Guanrong, as the music pioneer and leader of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, led the creation of the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra. The “Music Ningbo Gang” represented by Yao Guanrong is one of the most influential music groups in China since modern times. This year, they will hold three series of works or commemorative concerts in their hometown of Ningbo to help Ningbo Music Port and Ningbo “Music City” and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with music. In more than 60 years of artistic career, Yao Guanrong has never been on the stage of his hometown of Ningbo. Today, in order to express his heartfelt wish for his hometown of Ningbo, Yao Guanrong, in spite of his 83-year-old age, cooperated with the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra, and directed the concert on his stage in his hometown. He also deliberately wrote the "First Symphony" written in his later years. The premiere venue was placed in Ningbo to fulfill his long-cherished wish of the wanderer.