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Two pieces of literary works in Ningbo won the provincial “Star Award” 2019-02-28


The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism recently announced the list of 24 award-winning works of the Provincial “Stars Award” in 2019. Two pieces of literary and artistic works selected by the city - the table "Song Town Shou Artist" and the group dance "Express Brother" are on the list. The city's award-winning works "Small Town Shun Artist" and "Courier Brother" are music and dance works organized by the Haishu District Cultural Center. The table sing "The Town Shou Artist" was written by Chen Minxian and Xiang Nan, Zhao Yanbin and Luo Bin composing. Through the depiction of the daily life of the traditional watchmakers, the works vividly demonstrates the beautiful vision of the traditional craftsmanship and rejuvenation. The work has won the gold medal in the 1718 Zhejiang New Music Singing Competition. The group dance "Express Brother" is directed by Hong Fei and Xie Peiliang. The works have been skillfully arranged to create a group of diligent and up-to-date, simple and optimistic courier brothers. They will use the vivid body language to deliver the courier's hard work, tired and happy. Show on the stage. The person in charge of Haishu District Cultural Center said that in recent years, they have paid great attention to the creation of literary and artistic works, and each year they hold various literary and artistic creations and theme seminars. These two works won the provincial “Star Award”, mainly because the works are novel, close to life and far-reaching, reflecting the distinctive characteristics of the times.