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Cultural integration promotes "butterfly change" Liangzhu Cultural Park can't finish the "love story" 2019-03-15


In the spring of 60 years ago, 18-year-old Ningbo violinist Yu Li Na took the strings, and a song "Liang Zhu" spread throughout the country. This is the first violin concerto in the history of Chinese music, and it has become a world-famous classic. Time flies like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. Nowadays, Yu Li Na, who is already in her aunt, will play this classic song. However, this time she will choose to play in the Liangzhu Cultural Park in her hometown. "In mid-May this year, we will organize a series of celebrations around the theme of the 60th anniversary of the violin concerto "Liang Zhu", recalling beautiful love stories, promoting national traditional culture, and offering gifts for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China." Ningbo Liangzhu Culture Yan Youxiang, general manager of Park Management Co., Ltd. said that in addition to Yu Li Na’s debut in the Liangzhu Cultural Park, the violin concerto “Liang Zhu” composer He Zhanhao and Chen Gang will also come. In the meantime, Liangzhu Culture Park will also hold a memorial ceremony for the theme commemorative sculptures, and issue personalized stamps and souvenir covers to let more citizens and tourists feel the cultural vitality of the story. The “Celebration Place”, which can become the world famous song “Liang Zhu”, benefits from the unique cultural heritage of Liangzhu Culture Park. According to reports, since the completion of the Liangzhu Cultural Park, it has always adhered to the protection of Liang Zhu’s legacy and the road of diversified industrial integration, so that the story of Liang Zhu will last forever. Ningbo in March, the spring is bright. The Liangzhu Cultural Park is lush and full of vitality. The lively children walk through the Wansong Academy and visit the dazzling butterfly science specimens; the new people who are about to enter the marriage hall are dressed in formal attire and take wedding photos on the lawn in front of the Butterfly Square... In order to make the traditional Liangzhu culture glow modern, In recent years, Liangzhu Cultural Park has “tailor-made” various types of four-season theme activities to meet the needs of tourists of different ages. Since last week, the “Floral Festival” of the Liangzhu Cultural Park to celebrate Baihua’s birthday has been officially launched. For the next more than one month, citizens and tourists can participate in activities such as swimming in the sea, flying kites, and watching the Liangzhu New Year’s Art Exhibition; in late spring, Visitors who like sports can experience the unique and unique "Liang in Liangzhu Marathon" long-distance race, "to carry love to the end"; in the autumn season, Liangzhu Cultural Park will also combine the annual "Farmers Harvest Festival" to hold various cultures and The combination of agriculture and experience activities; during the National Day, the 2019 China Liangzhu Cultural Festival was grandly opened, and the “Old Foundation” cultural activities such as the exciting dragon dance performance and the traditional Liangzhu Temple Fair will be staged. “With culture as the core, Liangzhu Cultural Park will organically connect sports, education, agriculture and other industries to form a highly integrated comprehensive tourism base.” Yan Youxiang said with confidence that Liangzhu Cultural Park will combine colorful festivals to carry out colorful The traditional cultural activities, to achieve "months and months have activities, months and months have wonderful." It is understood that Liangzhu Cultural Park received nearly 500,000 tourists last year. On the basis of the existing, a "Liangzhu Love Town" has also been completed, with a total area of ​​3.07 square kilometers. The wedding industry will be the core, creating a "trinity" of love, culture and tourism and a small feature of production, life and ecological integration. The town has been awarded a municipal-level non-legacy town. With the help of industrial integration, the love story of the Millennium Liangzhu will take off in the new era and will continue to spread.