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"Wen Mo Ningbo" - Lin Bangde's calligraphy exhibition of the National Art Museum of China returned to the township 2019-04-01


“Wen Mo Ningbo” – Lin Bangde’s calligraphy exhibition was successfully held at the China National Art Museum in Beijing at the end of last year. In order to give back to the people of hometown, “Wen Mo Ningbo – Lin Bangde China Art Museum Calligraphy Exhibition·Reporting Exhibition” was held recently at the Ningbo Museum, and a total of 65 calligraphy works were exhibited. Born in Ninghai, Lin Bangde is a famous calligraphy artist in the book world. Hometown Ningbo is the fertile ground for his calligraphy creation, and it is also the best stage for his artistic talent. In order to allow Ningbo calligraphy colleagues and calligraphy lovers to watch the Lin Bangde individual works exhibition held at the National Art Museum of China, the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, the Municipal Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, and the Yinzhou District People's Government jointly held this return. Township exhibition. The theme of the exhibition “Wen Mo Ningbo” tells the audience that this is an art exhibition that highlights the historical, natural and cultural characteristics of Ningbo. It depicts and depicts the beautiful pictures and wonderful stories of this land in Ningbo in the form of pen and ink. The exhibition is divided into two sections: “Shi Gu Hou Ji” and “Gu Dao Xin Shi”. "Shi Gu Hou Ji" calligraphy works include four-foot, six-foot, eight-foot, two-four and four-foot fighting series. The books of "Zi Li Zhen Xing" are presented, showing Lin Bangde's solid and solid traditional calligraphy skills. A nearly 14-meter-long long-running volume of "Ningbo Fu" has more than 1,200 words. It is not only a beautiful song that fully reflects the ancient and modern culture of Ningbo, but also a beautiful long scroll of calligraphy. Another piece of the largest single-word--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A strong visual impact. These two works are called the two highlights of the exhibition hall, which attracted the audience to take pictures. The “New Ways and New Tracks” section shows the experimental calligraphy works that Lin Bunde boldly explores the integration of calligraphy and contemporary culture on the basis of adhering to the spirit of traditional brush and ink. It combines modern graphic design with Ningbo modern poetry and literature, as well as Ningbo corporate culture. Artistic interpretation and so on. In the exhibition hall, the reporter also saw the colored embroidered purses, old-fashioned fruit boxes, celadon pigs and other objects exhibited together with the calligraphy works. Lin Bangde introduced that this is the six pieces he specially created for this report exhibition. He is a national-level non-legacy “three gold one inlay” (Zhujin lacquer wood carving, mud gold color lacquer, gold and silver color embroidery, bone wood inlay) and Yueyao celadon burning. Calligraphy works of the art and the legend of Liang Zhu. Calligraphy art and ancient non-legacy art complement each other, making this exhibition more creative. "These national non-legacy are the pride of our Ningbo. As a Ningbo person, I have the responsibility to promote the local excellent culture. This is also my first attempt to show the intangible charm through calligraphy. I hope to bring it to my peers and audience. Go for a little inspiration and a fresh sense of aesthetics," Lin Bund said. This exhibition will last until April 7.